Monday, March 31, 2014

You gotta put your behind in the past!

Ranielly's Baptism

Whuddup, family!!!!!!

Well, well, well . . .  This week!  First off . . . Ranielly was Baptized!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!  The Baptism started about an hour and a half late because people here are kinda . . . Slow to arrive.  But the important part is that the Baptism DID happen!  Her husband, Rafael, Baptized her as well which was really cool.  I think that they were both extremely nervous so it was super fun  =)

Wedja . . . Well, she got super sick  =(  So she wasn’t Baptized.  "Ya hear that!?  Bears!  Now ya put the whole station in jeopardy!"  That was a total bummer, but she says she is going to be Baptized this next week between the General Conference sessions on Saturday!

A girl named Samara (I don’t remember if I talked about her last week?) also went to church again!  She has nothing stopping her up until now.  The only thing that is being difficult is that the woman that takes her to church with her isn’t obeying the rules of which Ward she is supposed to go to.  So Samara is being a little difficult with wanting to go to the other Ward.  This week she went to our Ward half of the time and to the other Ward the other half -____-  Almoooooost.  She will understand.  It’s the member that is causing the problem.  If the member told her what’s up, all of this would be extremely simple!

We also starting teaching a kid named Lucas this week.  We also had gone to the other Ward for two weeks but the Missionaries there passed the referral to us.  Lucas lives with his Grandma and is starting to make some bad decisions with friends and stuff like that.  Basically . . . If he gets Baptized and stays strong it could save his life because the kid is headed in a reeeeeally bad direction.  He is only 14 and already started smoking and all that stuff . . . He WANTS to be Baptized.  I just hope that he also learns to make new friends, which he has already started doing at church.  The hardest thing for him is going to be leaving past relationships in the past so that he can have better influences.  Pray lots for him!  Him and Samara are both marked to be Baptized with Wedja this Saturday  =)

This week we had to do quite a bit of planning for Leadership Council tomorrow . . . We are going to talk a lot about the Atonement and enduring when things get difficult.  Our Mission had a good month this month and we saw some serious progress.  Our fear is that the Missionaries are going to relax after having done well.  So we hope we can help with that tomorrow.  President isn’t going to be at our Meeting so . . . I’m presiding tomorrow!  Hahaha!  That’s gonna be funny to me I think.

Really though, I’m so grateful for the Atonement.  What more could I do that the Savior paid the price for me to be able to do?  I’m trying to make that the theme of the end of my Mission . . . I want to finish really strong.   

This next week is going to be SUPER fast.  We have a meeting tomorrow and then we are going to travel to Aracaju.  Wednesday we are going to do divisions with Aracaju North and Aracaju South.  I’m going to stay in the north and Elder Wigginton is going to stay in the South.  Then on Thursday we have to get the bus at 6:30 AM (DANG IT!).  We get back to Maceió that afternoon and then the rest of the day is following up on our investigators and Baptismal Interviews on Friday.  Then Saturday is General Conference and the Baptism, the Sunday is General Conference.  We are excited!

I love you all!!!! Be good, be safe! 

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen


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