Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Elders Jensen and Pires
He is from Cabo Verde! An island off the coast of Africa.
Howdy Hey!!!!

How’s it goooooin!?!?!? 
Man.  I’m not gonna lie.  This week was kinda a tough one.  Seemed like we could just not get it goin for the life of us!!!!  We were workin and all that good stuff but we just weren’t meeting any of the right people.  Honestly, I take blame for that one.  I was pretty dang stressed out this week with life.  Lots of stuff to think about with the mission and all the missionaries and how we are going to fix some problems.  We just aren’t Baptizing as much as we can and it’s frustrating.  Actually, we had a meeting with President about our next Leadership Council which usually goes on for a while talking about ideas and stuff.  He just looked at us and said . . . "Baptize.  That’s the topic".  So I am actually pretty excited!!  I love specific stuff so I know it will be good. 
Elder Jensen, Me, Aristoteles, Val & Elder Rodrigues
I am learning to handle different difficult situations.  I think that that is something I am going to need after the Mission.  Being able to handle lots of stuff at the same time.  But at the same time, I recognize that I need to improve A LOT on this.  I got really stressed out and I think I lost a little bit of focus so we didn’t receive as many blessings as we could have . . . Just gotta keep ya head up!
David didn’t go to church because his daughter got sick  =(  But he seems like is progressing a loooooot!  He is even seems less hesitant about Baptism.  We have him set to be Baptized this week, but we don’t know what’s up with coffee and some other commandments so . . . Pray lots for him!
This week . . . W’s mom didn’t allow him to be Baptized and we found out that J didn’t want to be Baptized . . . This week all the youth on our whole Mission are in another city for EFY.  Our Bishop is super legit and invited J and S to go to EFY but the dad wouldn’t let them go . . . S wouldn’t even talk to us after all that stuff . . . #MADEMEANGRY  

This week I had a division with Elder Harris and we taught a less-active kid.  His mom just kept complaining about how he wasn’t going to church anymore and all that good stuff . . . But she didn’t want anything to do with anything . . . For real?  How are you going to tell your kid he needs to do something and you don’t do it yourself? Basically, I ended up telling the kid that I was happy he was Baptized and can be saved. 

We got to go to São Miguel and see the famile that we Baptized!!!
Gilbeno, Cicera, Kayke and Juninho =)
Earlier that day, I went with Elder Harris to teach a guy that has already gone to church quite a few times but didn’t want to be Baptized because of his girlfriend that lives in another city.  I don’t know how, but we went there to teach him and the words came out of my mouth super naturally and the guy finally decided to get Baptized on the 8th!  He said, "No, I’m not gonna tell my girlfriend.  It’s better to just lie so that I can be Baptized".  Errrrrr . . . Keep the bigger commandment?  Anyway, I felt really good that I was able to help them out in their area  =)  It’s always good to be used as a blessing for other people!!!
Elder Rodrigues goes home this week  =(  I freaking love this kid.  I feel like we are way better friends now than when he trained me.  I think that we have both changed and grown a ton since that time so it was a huge blessing to be able to serve with him again.  Gonna miss him!  But I’m excited for him as well  =)  

Elders Jensen and Jung
The paper says, "Follow your leader"
We just kinda like to act weird, that's all . . .
Anyways!  This week had its trials but . . . Trials are good  =)  They make us better.  I learned this week to stay focused and always lead by example.  I learned that if we do what the Lord asks first, all other things fall right into place  =)
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be good, be safe, write lots! LOVE YOU!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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