Monday, March 10, 2014

A Week of Miracles!!!!!

The Staff  =)


I sure hope all you guys are doin’ great!  I miss you tons!  I miss March Madness even more . . . But I still miss you guys  =D 
This week went by way too fast like always!  Monday was all getting ready for transfers and then Tuesday was transfers.  So we got to get all the greenies from the airport and eat at the Mission Home and all that good stuff.  There’s a guy from Maceió that just left for his Mission and met all these missionaries in the CTM in São Paulo . . . He talked a bunch of crap about our Mission and everyone got here thinking they were going to get shot at, robbed and never Baptize.  I WAS SO MAD.  If you want to ruin your mission go for it.  But don’t ruin other peoples’ missions.  If you don’t have faith then let yourself suffer, but don’t make others suffer.  I WAS SOOOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!  Especially because I know that kid.  Anyways, don’t talk about people or places.  It doesn’t help anyone or anything . . . It just helps me lose more hair!
Baptism of Poliane and Poliana with Edna  =)
Tuesday, Edna, a less-active, called out of nowhere and said that her daughters, Poliane and Poliana, wanted to be BAPTIZED!!!  That was suuuuuch a huge miracle!  I was beyond excited.  Things just clicked for Edna last Sunday and she got super excited again and that’s that!  Poliane and Poliana were Baptized on Saturday night  =)
We found out that David isn’t married legally this last week  =(  He only has a União Estável ( I don’t know what that word is in English) but it basically just means a division of all possessions.  The problem is that it can be for ANYONE.  So the Church doesn’t recognize it as a legal marriage . . . So he might take a while longer for him to be Baptized because of that one.  He also didn’t go to church on Sunday and we don’t know what happened there . . . So the situation with David is very . . . "Mais ou Menos"! 
A couple that we taught a few times (MARRIES LEGALLY HALLELUJAH) went to church this week as well!  They are already really close to getting’ Baptized.  Generally they go to one of my old wards, Antares, because Renata (the wife) likes that ward more and has more friends there.  But because of the distance it sounds like Alavaro (The husband) is wanting to start going to the right ward.  So pray lots for them.  They are kind of our gold right now.
We weren’t able to meet too many people this week because of lack of time . . . Like always.  But we pray lots to have miracles and Baptize weekly.  I’ve never done it BUT it is the goal!  But working with Elder Wigginton is sooooo much fun. I think his sense of humor is really close to mine so we get along really well.  It’s nice to serve with Californians  =)
I SURE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!  Be good, be safe, write lots!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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