Monday, March 24, 2014

Nature . . . Goulet . . .

We have been quoting Saturday Night Live a looooot in our house these days. Specifically Robert Goulet...

How’s it goin’ y’all!?!?!?

Dang this week was super exhausting.  Elder Wigginton and I were both wiped out by the time Sunday came around.  It was an interesting week too though.  I always remember in basketball when dad would say, "Trying your hardest isn’t enough.  You have to have stats.”  I try to use that out here.  There is always something that can be done.  If you aren’t doing well, it’s because you have to change something.  So we decided to change our tactics!  We had been doing lots of contacts and what not and it just wasn’t going right . . . So this last week we tried really hard to work with the members and dang!  It went really well!  We got like 11 referrals last week and marked Baptisms of the majority of them.  Unfortunately, not everyone showed up to church but that always happens . . . Haha. 
Raielly went to church with her husband Rafael on Sunday.  Bishop also taught a lesson with us on Saturday night with them which was awesome.  I love our Bishop.  He is an absolute NUT and he works suuuuper hard.  He had an interview with Rafael right after church to tell Rafael that he needs to step up, help his wife be Baptized this Saturday and that he needs to be worthy to Baptize her.  LOVED IT.  When we taught them last night, Rafael was all over it.  He cleaned up the house and kept tellin’ her all kinds of stuff to encourage her.  Anyways, she is all set for this Saturday  =D
Wedja also went to church this week and is all set for this Saturday.  There really isn’t anything too complicated with her.  She is totally ready and obeys all the commandments already.  She was just a blessing from Heaven . . .

When I was in Tabuleiro, there was a woman there who helped us Baptize seven people in a month . . . Anyway, she moved to our area so we started working with her and taught a girl close to where she lives.  Her name is Samara and she is 17.  Super chill and relaxed and is lovin’ everything up until now.  She is marked for April 5th, which is General Conference but we will get it all sorted out.  Maybe we will have to do it on the 4th.  But the important thing is that it will happen!
We are here in the office right now and there is a girl that is a member that works here . . . Basically I am totally not ready to date.  She is venting about like everything in her life and I feel really bad because I just . . . Don’t care that bad . . . Hahahaha.  It’s like all these super little things about fights in her life . . . Come on!  I’m tryin’ to write to my family!!!!  Oh well.  Life goes on.
This next week is gonna be really nuts again but I’m excited  =)  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!  Be good, be safe!!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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