Monday, August 26, 2013


Killa Zone!!!!!

Bob Marley and Michael Jackson came to our District Meeting!

Men Working!!!!!

No Reason . . . Just Cuz . . .

Rafson . . . Still goin' strong . . . Stud . . .

View going to Aracaju from Maceio

So close!!!!!

We were short on investigators, okay?
Family and friends and all you beautiful people out there,
This week was really crappy!  Hahahaha . . . But it ended really well, so it’s all good  =)
First of all . . . Investigators.  Izabel is still difficult but went to church!  Jaiane FINALLY got confirmed!  We actually had about nine people at church who are investigating!!!  It was pretty legit.  Some are new and we even had one that doesn’t live in our area (dang it!!) but it really made our Sacrament Meeting and Gospel Principles class look LEGIT!!!  Maria and Manoel and their son Gabriel all came to church and loved it!  Monice said she wasn’t gonna come because her little sister is a troublemaker, but we told her to call us if anything changed.  She called RIGHT when we got to church and said she wanted to go.  Apparently she was super sad when we left, so her dad just said to take her sister and go  #AttaBoyYouGoDad.  Edla also showed up again!  She brought her two daughters-in-law as well  =)  And a girl named Maria Fatima came as well with Maria and Manoel!  So the week was pretty crappy, but ended REALLY well  =) Unfortunately, we weren’t able to follow up with anyone because we had to go to the Stake Center to set stuff up for our Zone Conference on Tuesday . . . So we will try to follow up with everyone tonight!!!
This week, we taught a new sister.   Basically she is super sad and doesn’t want to believe that life continues because she doesn’t really want it to continue.  She told us every problem she has and man . . . I cried my eyes out.  Not gonna lie.  I just . . . WANT her to be happy.  I want people to be as happy as we are and when they won’t accept the Gospel it’s . . . Crappy.  I know she needs the Gospel.  SHE knows she needs it.  It was a very, very, very powerful lesson and very spiritual.  But . . . I just want her to be happy.  I want my investigators to understand the eternal joy that they could and should have.  I guess that in itself is a blessing from the Lord, huh?  Just to have love for others . . . Just to love random people seems like it would be really hard.  But the Lord is helping me a ton.  I know she will be Baptized  =)  Not sure when, but I know she will!
Our Zone finished this month with fifteen Baptisms!!!  We are definitely improving, but we still have weak links.  I heard the most this Zone has Baptized is sixteen.  GAH!  DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAZY THAT MADE ME TO BE SO CLOSE AND NOT BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!  GOSH DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m still kinda goin crazy.  Competitive?  Of course not.  Don’t be ridiculous.  Our Zone is getting a lot better, but we have lots more little adjustments to do.  Like Dad said, little adjustments make all the difference.  That helped a lot.  Thanks!  #ShoutOutToMyPops
Well, things are goin well here!!!!!  Elder Scofield only has three more weeks, but I know he is gonna stay in it with me.  He´s the man.

I love you all!!!!!!!!  Thanks for your prayers, love and support.  Y’all make a huge difference  =)  I get letters tomorrow!  Can’t wait to hear from y’all!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!! 

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen


Monday, August 19, 2013

Howdy Hey!

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"Catchy Quote"  


Well . . . This week, really, not too terribly much happened.  Izabel?  I don’t really know.  That whole family just got kinda hard to read.   Like when we go there, the lessons have no Spirit.  We can’t get them to really understand the messages I think.  I don’t think Izabel really understands the importance of Baptism, so she just keeps saying she wants more time . . . I don’t know exactly what the plan is with her . . . I don’t know exactly what she wants from US. -______- I hope we can figure that all out soon . . .

This week was kinda a weird one.  I never felt really in a rhythm which was really weird.  I don’t know.  Something was like holding us back this week.  I think we were a bit tired and stressed and we kinda let the carnal mind take over which is totally 100% lame of us.  We had much more to give this week that we didn’t give.  Always improving right?
We did however meet a woman that is WAY into the message and is actually really smart so teaching her is much easier.  Her name is Edna!  She went to church and all that good stuff and is already reading the Book of Mormon so we will see how it goes!
We also met a girl named Milena who is the neighbor of a member!  She went to church as well and is super legit.  Most important thing with her is to get permission from the parents to Baptize her. 
And Monice!  Didn’t show up to church, but was progressing throughout the week . . . Dunno why she didn’t go but we will pass by this week  =/
Our Zone Baptized six people this last week!  Up until now, we have ten this month which is better but just still not what it could and should be . . . But improvements and small adjustments will make all the difference  =)
Really not too terribly much!  Sorry!  But I sure love you all!!!!  Be good, be safe!!!!!  Write lots!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fast Week!



Well this letter is going to be pretty dang short because our week was SUPER short!!!
On Tuesday we had transfers!!!  Two of the Sisters who were in the middle of their training got called to trained!  One of them was crying . . . Haha . . . I don’t know if she was nervous or excited or what.  But in any form, they will be great.  Our Sisters are AWESOME  =)  We also got a kid who took the District Leader place in Grageru 2.  He served in Japan for fourteen months and then got sick, stayed home for a year and a half and is now at a year and seven months out here.  His name is Elder Mechaileh and he is SUPER legit.  Just calm and down to earth.  It’s really easy to see that he is more mature and has a better grip on the work than a lot of people.  I would imagine serving in Japan really humbled him.  Anyways, I absolutely love the kid  =)
After Tuesday, we had two normal days to work which was good and then on Friday morning we got a call from the Mission Secretary telling us to go to the Stake Center.  Turns out that the church has this Humanitarian Program teaching doctors and nurses how to do Neonatal Resuscitation (I don’t think I spelled that correctly) and they needed help.  Not teaching but just setting stuff up and organizing . . . Haha.  It was fun and they had two Americans there from Utah - Elder and Sister Wilcox who were absolutely awesome.  It was also nice to just speak some solid English for once!!!!  But we basically lost all of our time to work on Friday and Saturday because of that.  But it’s all good cuz Elder and Sister Wilcox took us out to a Churrascaria afterwards!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!
Izabel wasn’t Baptized  =(  She says she wants more time but I really don’t know what else she is waiting for!  She is sooooo ready!!!  We will see what happens.
We also met a girl this week named Monice.  We had felt like we needed to knock doors on her street for quite some time.  So we finally did and then had to leave.  Then the next day, I felt the same thing so we went back and met her and her mom.  Turns out they have family that are members so they thought that they were referrals! Haha!  But Monice came to church super late and stayed for like five minutes.  The bus took forever and then because of how late she got there she had to leave like right away.  We asked her why she came if it was so difficult (because people normally don’t do that, not because we were sad she did it) and she just said, "Because I promised I would! So here I am!"  She is legit and already reading the Book of Mormon and all that good stuff  =)
The church is true!!!!!  I sure do love you all!!!  Be good, be safe, please keep writing!  I LOVE YOU!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

Monday, August 5, 2013

Dearingest Darlingest Family and Friends



Well well well.  Where to begin.  This week we met with our Stake President which was kinda cool . . . I don’t know . . . He basically just let us know that we need to Baptize more . . . I was hoping to be able to organize some stuff more but what are ya gonna do?  Bar Mitsvahs.
We Baptized Jaiane this week! 

Our Zone finished July with five Baptisms -________- #Crap.  Better than last month but still super frustrating.  People just kinda died at the end of the Transfer too which is SUPER annoying for me.  I think to die at the end of a transfer or your Mission is one of the most hypocritical things you can do.  But life goes on =)
The other Elders in our Ward pulled out three Baptisms this week which was for sure just the hand of God . . . Haha.  And we pulled one out so we started off the month with four Baptisms...  Now we have four more weeks to do MUCH better.  COME ON!  WHERE’S THE EXCITEMENT PEOPLE!?!?!??!?!
But all in all, a very good solid week.  Izabel and her daughter-in-law and less active son went to church.  Izabel is a freaking angel.  She works at home where she has like her own hamburger place.  But every time we go there she just puts out tons of food for us to eat.  Even if we aren’t hungry . . . She still makes us eat.  Hahaha.  She is super ready for Baptism and probably  this week.  We are going to Maceió for Transfers tomorrow (Elder Scofield and I stayed here BTW =)), so we are gonna get a for sure answer from her on Wednesday =)
This transfer FLEW BY!!!!!!  No one lied when they said that the second year passes faster than the first!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!  Be good, be safe, write me lots  =)

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen