Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A week of miracles

This week was prrrrrrretty slow again . . . Haha . . . But the Lord is really blessing me with this upbeat attitude that I don’t completely understand how I can keep!  But it’s definitely a good thing!

This week we had a few miracles.  First one was on Monday night.  Elder Rodrigues and I were finishing our planning for the night and we heard some young kids sittin’ in front of our house.  Now, keep in mind that we had a tough week with practically no investigators.  So, normally, when kids are talking at 10pm at night, it’s about relationships, drugs, or Telly Tubbies.  But, no . . . What were they talking about?  The Bible!  What?!?!?  We were shocked!  So, we walked out there and talked to them.  Turned out to be five young girls around 14 years of age.  They are all way into the Bible and religion, so we invited them to a Church activity that week and didn’t think too much of it.  But . . . We should have!  Cuz THAT is a sign!  And, then, all of them showed up to the activity!  And the loved it!!!!  My gosh!  Such a huuuuuuuge answer to prayers!

The next miracle happened yesterday.  Basically, all of our investigators dropped going to Church when we thought we had tons of “firm” people.  So, basically, no investigators at Church except three of those five girls I just told you about.  But then, suuuuuuper random, a lady we contacted in the street turned up!  Sooooo random!  We were way confused . . . Haha . . . But very happy!  We spoke with her that night, too, and she is awesome.  We will be returning to her house sooooooon!  Wednesday, I believe!

Ah . . . Three miracles . . . My mistake.  And, the last . . . Wow . . . I will explain . . . We were walking past a huuuuuuge Betel (probably different name in English) church to visit a less active member.  I had this weird feeling, or maybe I heard them, I don’t know.  But, like ten seconds after, two girls ran up behind us to talk to us.  I was just thinking, “What are you doing?  It’s OUR job to make people feel awkward in the street!”  Anyway . . . Naiane is 20 and Jaquelinen is 16 and both have attended toooooons of different churches.  They said they hadn’t found that place where they reeeeeally felt happy and comfortable and that they were still searching for something . . . They just didn’t know what it was.  “Oh, hey!  I have an idea!!!!!!!”  Yeah . . .BOOM . . . Called up a recent convert and got over to her house and taught an amaaaaaazing lesson.  The Spirit was incredible!  I could feel it even before we started!  So, when we got to the First Vision . . . I felt like I was going to explode!  It was absolutely incredible!  Both of them cried at some point during that lesson.  Aaaaah . . . I wish you all could have been there!  If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is!!!!

The Lord just put them right in our path because they are ready!  More like He put us in THEIR path, actually!  Sooooo awesome!  So, we will be going back to talk with him in two days.

Everyone . . . The Church is true.  God is there and He has a plan.  We might not understand it.  Most times, we won’t.  But the way that He works is AMAZING.  God truly is a God of miracles!  I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Jensen

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A chance to learn and grow and help others . . .


Well . . . This week definitely had its ups and downs.  Definitely lots of learning goin’ on here!  Really not tons of people who wanted to hear our message or just didn’t like us at all . . . Haha . . . Buuuuuut . . . We met this family that lives in, I don’t know how to describe it.  It’s a little house with one light bulb, a bed, a tiiiiiiny couch and a drawer.  It’s probably smaller than my room back home.  Super sad and super humbling.  Anyway, turns out this little family of four has tons of problems.  Junior, the Dad there, has problems with basically every drug you can think of, every addictive substance that pops into your head is what he has used.  He has this strong desire to change his life, but with addictions like that, changing is a whole new story, ya know?  It’s really a sad thing . . . And when we returned there a few days ago, we learned that he had been imprisoned because of drugs . . . Suuuuuper sad.  No one that has only lived in the United States can understand how complete spoiled we reeeeeeeally are.

I had a couple run-ins with language problems this week . . . When people are super rude and don’t wanna listen.  Three ladies just laughed their heads off ‘cause they couldn’t understand me.  Yea, I wasn’t happy to say the least . . . But!  Luckily, I’m not very good at stayin’ down, so I was fine after about ten minutes  J

Adriana and Wesliane . . . #dropped . . . They aren’t going to be baptized.  We went there to visit them just to confirm that they were comin’ to Church and . . . nope.  Adriana just kept sayin’, “If I feel the desire, I will go.”  Someone doesn’t quite understand sacrifice and the importance of Church.  She believes everything we have taught all that.  She has a testimony and everything you could hope for, but isn’t gonna pull through all the way.  And, of course, Wesliane is her daughter, so she’s not gonna be baptized either.  I’m still hopin’ and prayin’ for a miracle for them, but it’s not lookin’ good  L

So ya know, we have all of these challenges for a reason.  I’ve been prayin’ a lot lately for the opportunity to learn and grow.  It’s just . . . These opportunities are basically never easy or fun!  Haha!  But I totally brought it upon myself by asking for these chances.  I think that’s why I can keep such a positive attitude when things get rough.  ‘Cause I know that this is all part of progressing and becoming the best person I can be.  That’s what this life is about, right?!?!  A chance to learn and a chance to grow to help others  J

The Lord really blessed us on Sunday (the very end of the week, of course) by giving us a new investigator.  Michelle is a friend of a less active member.  We got them both to come to Church and they LOVED it.  Patience really does work if you practice it, I guess!  Really helped us end the week on a happy note!

Transfers are this week, but everything in our District will be stayin’ the same.  I think because of the 12-week training program.  Sometimes the President will end it early, but it won’t be happenin’ for us!  So, at least six more weeks here in Sao Miguel, which is no problem if this is where I need to be!

Well . . . I love you all so much!  It was a kind of rough week, but just know that I can feel all your prayers pullin’ me along.  The Lord is right beside me in every step I take and everything is great ! I promise!  Be good!  Be safe!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Jensen