Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Goooooood Afternoon, errrrbody!

How’s it goin!?!?!?  Man, this week was pretty dang tiring but, once again, passed wayyyy too fast.  We actually were’nt able to get too much done this week . . . Haha . . . Things just weren’t going like we wanted them to go!!!  Every commitment we had fell through for about two or three days straight . . . Hahaha.  But being with Elder Wigginton makes everything fine because he is super chill and positive so it was good.  We DID have a few miracles though!!!! 
The first was a woman named Ranielly.  We had a terrible day and at the last moment she called us over to talk.  People generally don’t ASK us to talk to them so I was slightly weirded out at first . . . Haha.  Anyways, we found out that she has already been to church a lot but in another ward.  She is married (LEGALLY) to a less-active that almost went on a Mission a few years ago buuuut . . . They had a baby soooo that didn’t go as planned.  When they moved here to our area they stopped going to church and the husband, Rafael, started drinking and smoking  =(  It was interesting because Ranielly recognizes completely that her family is worse now that they don’t go to church.  She realizes that they were happier when they went to church together and learned about the principles of the Gospel.  So we marked her Baptism for the 29th!  It’s lookin’ good!  They didn’t go to church because it was Stake Conference with an Area Seventy and they didn’t want to go to another part of the city . . . Haha. But they said they will go this next Sunday  =)
The other miracle was a woman named Cristina who was a member from another ward.  She moved here as well a few months ago and stopped going to church.  She called us over and asked where the church was and what not aaaand she has a daughter that was never Baptized!  Woo hoo!  Her daughter’s name is Wedja and her baptism is set for the 29th as well.  Wedja got some weird eye infection this last week so she didn’t go to Stake Conference with Cristina BUT they both went to Cristina's original ward.  So that was for sure a miracle as well!
Aaaaaand Alvaro and Renata . . . I almost blew up yesterday after our lesson with them.  They both went to Stake Conference which was great but they are driving me NUTS.  We taught them a lesson yesterday and they both know that the church is true and that they need to be Baptized they just . . . Aren’t doing it.  For no reason at all.  They are just afraid to really decide.  Alvaro totally wants to.  Renata does too but not as much as him.  I am POSITIVE that if one of them had said "I’m going" the other was going to say the same thing.  But they are both super scared to take the initiative.  Renata said "I felt a peace so strong come over me the other day when we said a prayer together that I almost cried.  And I felt that same thing today at Conference.  But I need an answer from God still."  DUDE.  COME ON. SERIOUSLY!?!?!?  She has already received soooo many answers!!!!!!!!  They said they are going to pray about it but I don’t know what else they expect . . . od is only going to do what they can’t do for themselves.  Now they have to decide. 
Aaaaanyways!  IN ALL it was a good week with lots of miracles and we are excited to get at it again this next week  =)  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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