Monday, February 24, 2014


Zone Conference

Goooood morning, everybody  =)

You all are gonna hate me but . . . I really don’t have too terribly much to fill ya in on this week!  This week was all Zone Conferences.  Monday morning we went to Aracaju; Tuesday we had Conference there.  We came back to Maceió on Wednesday morning and passed by the house real quick to change clothes and take a shower and stuff and then we headed straight back to Farol.  We spent the whole day in the office on Wednesday and then slept in Farol.  Thursday and Friday were Zone Conferences as well . . . These were my last Zone Conferences!  Normally they are every other transfer so I thought I would still have one more . . . But I discovered that the next one will be eight days after I get home  =(  So I gave my last testimony in the three meetings we had.  That was pretty dang depressing but I’ve still got about three months, so I think I will survive  =) 
The Conferences all went well.  Our first one, naturally, was the roughest but after that it was super easy and natural.  Once you get the rhythm down, it’s all a lot easier.  All in all, the Conferences were fun and it was awesome to be able to see every single Missionary  =)
Jonatan was . . . !  ALMOST Baptized . . . Dang it!  It was all set to go but then his boss called up out of nowhere and said he had to work.  #FreakinSatan!  Anyway, he is excited to be Baptized this Saturday  =)  We really didn’t have much time to follow up on people this week seeing as we only had Saturday and Sunday to work . . . MAYBE we will Baptize a kid named William this week but I don’t know yet.  His family is less-active and we are trying to get them back.  So pray lots for him =)
That’s about all I got this week unfortunately.  Sorry!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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