Monday, September 30, 2013


DANG IT!!!!!!!!!


Our Zone finished this month with nineteen Baptisms.  GOSH DANG IT.  Two months in a row that we were ONE away from hitting my goal that whole month.  Stuff like that drives me NUTS!!!  BUT we did break the record of Baptisms in our Zone . . . So I will walk away with that and try to improve this next month  =)
This week definitely had a few memorable moments . . .

I will say the crazy one first.  So . . . We were on a Division and I was with Elder Luis.  Good dude.  We had been trying for a loooong time to take Brother L to E’s house to explain Baptisms for the Dead to her because he had the same doubt before his Baptism.  Before I continue with the rest of the story, it is extremely important to know that both E and L are kinda hot headed people who always want their opinions to be heard.  SO, it started off well . . . A prayer and L explaining Baptisms for the Dead.  Every once in a while, E would cut in with some question and after a few times the subject changed.  So, the lesson went in a completely different direction.  Elder Luis and I just stayed quiet cuz I thought L had it all under control.  Anyways, after about twenty minutes of babbling everyone was like, "Hold up!  We are off topic!  Let’s go back to Baptisms for the Dead."  So during all this time, E would say something to do with her opinion or what she already knows (she is kinda [OR REALLY] cocky) and then L would say stuff like, "Oh well. . . If you already know everything then why are we here?"  Just snotty comments like that.  SO they started getting kinda heated and mad at each other . . . I don’t think I even understood what was happening.  AND I FOR SURE DID NOT COMPREHEND WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.  E got up to get her scriptures to explain why she has these doubts but L thought she was gonna try to burn him and teach him or somethin’ so he started yellin’ and getting’ all angry and was like, "In our church, we teach!!!  We aren’t here to learn from you!!!!!!!!!!" and E was like "udvbfjvlbfl\alIF 9çir BLAH!"  And then she started callin’ L arrogant and cocky and annoying and L started yellin’ at her more.  Then L stood up right in her face and started yellin’ at her and then E got up and started yellin’ at him and I was just like, "Oh my gosh my gosh my gosh WHATISHAPPENINGHERE?????"  #ILiterallyStartedCrying  I got so stressed out.  So L was all, "This woman has the devil inside of her and is expulsing us from her house!!!"  And E was like, "I don’t have the devil inside of me!  It’s YOU that has the devil!!!"  And I was like, "Oh my gosh my gosh my gosh WHATISHAPPENINGHERE?????"  Yeah.  Then L left and I was just sittin’ there crying cuz I thought all my hard work went down the drain and that E was never gonna go to church again.  Then she (and I still don’t get this) told me, "Don’t you worry.  Things like this happen because the enemy doesn’t want me to get Baptized.  But this won’t stop me.  I am praying and receiving my answer.  Before you leave here, you are going to Baptize me and my kids . I promise."  #WHATTHECRAP.  Moral of the story?  Always invite members to yell at and almost kill your investigators.  It’s more probable that they will be Baptized afterwards.
Good moment!!!!  We were workin’ in a new area this week and just trying to meet new people and this kid named Rafael came up TO US and wanted to talk to us and showed us to his house and told us to come back the next day.  The next day was terrible and I honestly was super tired and wanted to stop early but somethin’ told me to finish hard and somethin’ good would happen.  So we went to Rafael’s house and he was takin’ a shower.  Of course, my first thought was, "Great.  Now I have to wait here just to teach some guy that probably doesn’t want anything to do with us."  He came out of his room all dressed up with his two year old kid, so I thought he was gonna just leave us hangin’, but instead he looked at us and said, "Let’s go!"  "What? Where?"  "To the church.  I want to see the church."  Did you just invite me to go to my own church?  No one does that . . . But okay . . . So we went there and showed him around and taught a lesson.  We learned that about a month ago his girlfriend and mother of his two kids broke up with him cuz he was always drinking and using drugs.  He was really, really broken down and is looking for new friends and a new path.  Even stopped drinking and using drugs all together.  Two years ago, he already met the Elders and ran away from there . . . This time he came to US looking for an answer.  It was just awesome to see that the Elect really will show themselves if we just do our part.  Rafael is going to be Baptized on the 12th of October  =)
We also met this super crazy guy called Domingos . . . Hahahaha . . . Nothing too interesting with him yet.  Went to church and is going to be Baptized on the 12th as well!!! 
Whew!  I love you all!!!!!  Write me lots!!!  Happy General Conference and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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