Monday, September 2, 2013


The Orla!!!

Well, well, well!!!  How’s it goin’ y’all???  How’s life?  This week was SUPER fast for me because I only really worked in my area for three days . . .

Tuesday, we had Zone Conference!  It wasn’t anything TOO exciting but always legit.  Elder Scofield gave his "goodbye" testimony which was . . . Utterly heartbreaking . . . I may or may not have cried a little bit but, hey.  He isn’t like my favorite companion so far or anything  =(  I also decided, and I hope that no one gets mad at me for this, to extend my Mission two weeks so that I could get my whole two years in . . . My original date to leave was before I finished my two years and that’s  just . . . Not really acceptable.  #GoHardOrGoHome

Wednesday, I had a division with Elder Mechaileh who actually served in Japan for a year and two months, got sick and went home but wanted to finish and they sent him back out here . . .  Freakin’ legit.  The dude is just way more calm and mature than most Missionaries, so the division with him was LEGIT.  He teaches super well and shared some legit stories of his time in Japan.  Basically became one of my best friends out here in a day.  #Bromance  

Me and Elder Mechaileh
Also taught someone for the first time on my Mission who doesn’t believe in God!!!  Man, that was waaaayyyyy different but really fun too.  The challenging lessons are where it’s at!  He was actually gonna go to church with his mom (who really wants to be Baptized), but she had some sort of problem with her leg and it didn’t go as planned.  They are from São Paulo (favorite accent) and have a brother who is comin’ to visit this next week . . . Apparently he is a lawyer and loves question soooo . . . Day of Defense soon to come . . . Haha. 
I realized somethi’n this week while I was studying . . . The Gospel is perfect.  The Lord has blessed me with so much knowledge out here it’s amazing.  It’s tastier than cake.  It’s like mint brownie ice cream without an end.  There are no holes in this Gospel.  There are no doubts if we search.  Knowledge is everything.  I can’t believe that I can basically respond to every doubt someone has AND use scriptures to back it up.  It’s absolutely amazing  =)  #TheChurchIsTrue
Our Zone started off this month with only three Baptisms . . . Last month we had four weeks and because Sunday fell on the first of September they counted all this last week as September.  All Baptisms are done on Saturday and Sunday with very few exceptions.  So we know exactly what’s up and what our numbers are only at the end of our weeks.  Our Zone is improving, but we still have lots more that we can do to improve.  Our Zones Goal for this month is 32 Baptisms which is honestly really high but . . . SHOOT FOR THE STARS! 

The Best Zone ever!!!
Well . . . That's about it for me!  I sure do love you all!  Be good, be safe, hit me uuuuup!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

- Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

Scripture Power!!!!
PS - New favorite scripture - D&C 131:6.  That scripture is a LOT deeper than it seems so check into it as much as possible  =)

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