Monday, September 9, 2013

The Week We DIED . . .


Just kidding we didn’t die.  The week actually wasn’t too shabby.  Kinda stressful because we met a lot of people who didn’t really want too much to do with us.  Or a ton of people who seem so legit and excited to go to church and then just don’t go . . .
I got the maddest I have been in a looooong time on Saturday night!  It was great.  Edla, our investigator, told us, "I would have already made my decision to be Baptized but I still am struggling with Baptisms for the Dead”.  She doesn’t like to listen to me and Elder Scofield with things like this because she thinks we are young and don’t know how to respond -______- So we got everything set up to visit Lima.  He is ta retired Army Captain who majored in History and had the same doubt before his Baptism.  He is always tellin’ us how everything needs to be done and just . . . Well, acting like an Army Captain.  Yeah so.  He didn’t show up.  And I called.  And called.  And called.  And called.  And on the fourth tim,e he picked up and talked super grumpy to me (I was already stressed out of my mind and I don’t like when people talk to me disrespectfully).  He just . . . Didn’t show up.
It just drove me crazy.  I understand if you are mad.  But how are you gonna get mad at people for doing something wrong and then turning around and just abandoning the people who need you?
Anyway . . . Moral of the story . . . Don’t be a hypocrite.  When someone needs you, keep up your end of the deal.  ESPECIALLY when someone’s Salvation depends on it.
BUT!  Izabel was Baptized!!!!!  #SWAG!!!!  That was so legit to see her just decide out of nowhere  =)  Monice was all ready to be Baptized too but her grandpa choked on something and she had to take him to the emergency room (Satan works in straaaaaaaaange ways).  But she is all set to go for this next week along with Gabrield  =)  And . . . Iif we can get Lima to go to Edla's house with us, she is a done deal too!  So, if all goes as planned, we will have three Baptisms this week  =)
Sooooo our Zone!  Yeah.  Our goal is just every companionships goals put together.  I would like much more to just have the Zone create a goal together to be honest because when ya add everything up and it comes out to 32 that’s kinda . . . A lot.  But that’s the way it goes.  I personally believe 32 is seriously high for our Zone, but we will work our butts off to make it happen  =)
Our Zone only had four Baptisms this week which puts us at seven Baptisms in week two . . . If all goes as planned this next week, our Zone will Baptize almost ten more people which will be #SWAGALICIOUS!  I will keep you all tuned in!
That’s about it for me now!  The church is true!!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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