Monday, April 29, 2013


"Because Derek, models do what they’re told."  "That’s not true."  "Yes it is Derek." "Okay."

Well, well, well . . .

This week was quite the exhaausting but good one!  As we all know, last Monday was an emergency transfer and I was sent off to the Zone of Tabuleiro!  Apparently, the last Zone Leader here had some problems with the Stake President's wife and she was ready to explode of extreme rage . . . So President just transferred him.  Good news?  I got called to take his place!  My companion is Elder Erler and he is from Pennsylvania and is super legit.  He and I were already buddies a little bit before.  He has a year and three months on the mission aaaaand . . . He got called to be a Zone Leader like two weeks ago!  Normally, President leaves someone as Junior Companion of ZLs for like two transfers so that they can teach someone else how to do it.  But he kinda just threw us into the situation this time to figure it out together.  Which is cool to know that President trusts us like that.  "Hey just throw Elder Jensen and Erler in there!"  Bad news?  Seems like I got called at a rough time.  Looks like this might be one of the first months in a long time that the mission is going to baptize less than 100 people in the month.  Our Zone just seems kinda of disorganized and unfocused.  We definitely have a ton to improve and fix. J ust gotta get working  =)
We have a few Elders that are training and some that are ending the mission.  It’s the dang lazy Elders that are ending their missions that I want to . . . Harm.  How can you teach "Endure to the End" for two years and yet you can’t even "endure to the end"?  What kind of hypocrisy is this?  It drives me absolutely NUTS.  But we also have some Elders that are focused and ready to work.  We will see what happens.  I’m just starting to understand this whole ZL thing right now.  We also have a ZL Meeting this week in Farol and splits with the Assistants.  So we should learn very, very much this week  =)
We were going to have a baptism this week but she drank coffee -________- #CoffeeSUCKS.  But apparently she is all good now and is getting ready for this week.  We are also preparing a young kid named Henrique to be baptized with her and possibly two other people that live with Nazaré.  Those two people weren’t in town this last week so I haven’t had the chance to meet them yet but . . . Faith!  We will baptize them!!!  We worked SUPER hard this last week.  We taught eight lessons a few days in a row and just #DIDWORK!  I know that our blessings are just around the corner because of our hard work  =)
This week was really good!  We worked our behinds off and are gettin’ goin’ in our Area, District and Zone.  I love you all!  Be good, be safe, write me lots.  I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

Dylan’s e-mail to his Dad  J

I think I answered the majority if your questions in the main email, but just to top it off  =)
I finished Jesus the Christ a few weeks back . . . I think I gained my Testimony of Christ because of that book alone.  It’s weird because all my life I knew who Jesus Christ was but I didn’t really understand his life.  That was awesome to read  =)  I read not all but a lot of The Miracle of Forgiveness as well . . . And I completely lost the desire to ever sin again in my life . . . Haha.  And now I am reading The Day of Defense which I know you tried to get me to read.  I think when I tried I didn’t understand the church enough but man . . . THIS BOOK IS GOLDEN.  I have learned so much!  I’m hoping to get my hands on a few books in the future . . . If you and Mom would like to send them to me for my Birthday feel SOOOOO, SO, SO , SO free to do so . . .

1 - The three volumes of "Doctrines of Salvation"
2 - The Great Apostasy
 3 - Mormon Doctrine

If you can find them, I would love to read them all  =)
Thanks for all your help and support! I LOVE YOU!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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