Monday, April 22, 2013

"A Pretty Good Week!!!!!"

"You gotta put your behind in the past"

Whuddup yall!

Well, well!  This week had its downer moments but all in all was a pretty good week!!!  We managed to meet a family where the mom and dad had spoken with missionaries and visited the church about ten years ago.  Anibal, the dad, doesn’t seem to have much interest, but is SUPER legit and wants his kids to gain all the knowledge that they can.  Because of this, they all went to church and are completely open to hearing the lessons.  Lots of prayers and fasts for them please!!!!!!
I got Stacie's guest e-mail and  I responded to her.  She's engaged?!?!?  How legit is that?  SUPER LEGIT . . . That’s how legit!!!!!!!!!!

This week was good!  I learned a lot about myself I think.  The world is crazy and the Lord expects A LOT of us!
A guy in our ward wants to know if it’s possible to get the six volumes of "History of the Church" and "Mormon Doctrine".  He said that they can be in English if they only have English.  Could you check that out and let me know how much it will be?  Thanks!
I got your package right after last week’s email.  I have been eating way too much chocolate!  Haha . . . Thank you!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

It started raining super randomly this week and we were not prepared, so we didn’t have an umbrella.  Haha . . . So we just walked in the rain!  The work must continue!!!  It’s pretty funny how the Lord blessed me with a good attitude in stuff like that.  I don’t really know how he does it!
Unfortunately, I don’t have too terribly much to fill y’all in on this week.  Our investigator, Elizia, is getting’ married this week and will be baptized on the 11th of May.  So, keep her in your prayers as well.  My companionship also improved a great deal this week which is always a huge blessing  =)
I’m sorry I don’t have too much to fill y’all in on . . . The week was good . . . Just didn’t have huge results.  I love you all!  Write me lots, be good, be safe.  I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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