Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A SECA ACABOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The drought ended)

Ben 10!!!!!!!!!!!
"If the moon was made of cream cheese . . . Would ya eat it?"

"Hey where did you get your clothes?  The toilet store?"

WHADDUP FAMÍLIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, this week we had great difficulties in finding new investigators.  It seems like Everson doesn’t really want to keep any commitments so we had to drop him.  Lucas, the kid that showed up to church was ready to be baptized, but we had a little bit of a problem. He lives some with his dad and someone else here.  He says he lives mostly here and that his uncle is responsible for him here, so we told him to get the signature of his uncle.  Well it turns out that the signature he got wasn’t even from his uncle.  It was the girlfriend of his uncle which has nothing to do with someone who has responsibility of the kid.  And apparently his family there is insane and smokes and drinks like crazy soooooo . . . Some members that live there heard them all arguing and said that they were talking about trying to go legally against the church to get money and all kinds of crazy stuff.  Needless to say, Lucas was not baptized . . . And crazy Brazilians DO exist.
We did however have a miracle baptism in Sarah!  She’s the little sister and cousin of two less actives that we reactivated.  Her mom was always sayin’ that she wasn’t ready to be baptized, but when she went to church without us even calling her, we had a pretty good reason to show her mom she was ready.  And her mom said, "Chill!!!!"  Not really.  But ya know what I mean.  She let her be baptized.  #BaptismSwag  #TheDroughtIsOver

Elder Jensen and Sarah at Sarah's Baptism

Sarah's dog followed us walking for about 25 minutes and sat through the entire baptism.
I have officially had a lizard and a dog inside of my baptisms now.  #WelcomeToMaceió
The week was overall, pretty dang good.  We didn’t have very good numbers, but things got crazy with trying to get the baptisms ready and especially when Easter weekend hit.  No one in the streets or wanting to hear a message.  Holidays here are insane.  It seems like the entire state of Alagoas is almost deserted.  So we only made two new investigators this week which . . . Stinks  :(  Elder Bispo and I are making some plans about how we are going to find new investigators this next week.  Last week of the transfer so I want everything to end PERFECTLY!
I started reading "The Miracle of Forgiveness" this week.  Yeah.  One of the strongest books I have ever read.  When I read, I honestly can feel the desire to do things that are wrong completely leave my mind and heart.  I read a quote this week that struck really hard.  It’s a strong quote, but super true.  "Hell is paved with good intentions."  How many times do we have "good intentions" but don’t actually do what we need to do?  We have the idea, we know what we have to do, but there is an easier way out.  Probably the way the Lord doesn’t hope for you to take.  The easier way is generally the way that Satan wants you to go.  Derek told me one time, "Anything worthwhile is something you have to work for."  And that is SO true.  The Gospel of Christ is hard work, but taking the easy way out is always paving the roads of Hell.  That’s a strong phrase, but its true and the Lord wants us all to understand it.  I know that.
I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep writing me lots and sending me lots and lots of chocolate.  You da you da best!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

Elder Bispo, Sarah, and Elder Jensen at Sarah's Baptism 

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