Monday, March 25, 2013


DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMIN OUTTA MY MOUTH?   Name that movie.  R$5 for the first person to get it right.

What’s up errrrbody!  This week had some pretty dead days . . . Haha.  We struggle a bit with finding new investigators in our area because everything close to the chapel is 1) Rich; 2) An apartment; or 3) Condominiums.  We can go out walking for 45 minutes to find people who are more accepting, but the hard part is getting them to go to church.   No one wants to walk very much here. Especially at 9 o´clock on a Sunday morning.  It’s funny because the Missionary Handbook says that Sundays are the best days for proselyting and THAT, my friends, is just not true in Brasil!  Haha!  Sundays here mean everyone is sleeping or drinking.  Sundays are . . . difficult!  Haha.
I am great this lovely day!  My week was tiring but great!  My District is happy and learning!  Elder Coon WAS in my Zone but I don’t know if he still is.  Actually, when I asked to get to the Mission sooner, he was called to leave sooner as well to fill my spot.  Because of me, he had to get ready super fast.  I stressed him and his family out very very much . .. Haha.  Apologize to his mother for me if you get the chance!
I heard from Landon!  But it looks like his Visa has not come through yet!  

I had a dream last night that you and the family were here during church.  I got to hug you! I  thought I was gonna be really homesick after that dream but it was kinda weird.  The hug seemed so real that it actually killed a bit of my homesickness. #WeirdBlessingsFromTheLord
Oh one more thing! I  put a bunch of old letters in the trash (I’m sorry it was just too much space in my suitcase . . . Haha) but the garbage truck didn’t pass for some reason and someone stole the letters . . . hey probably thought I had important information in there, but just thought I should let you know.  If you start getting letters from "me" in broken English, just know that some Brazilian kid is pulling a prank on you. 

WE FINALLY GOT NADJA TO COMMIT TO BAPTISM.  She is going to be baptized on the 6th of April!  My goodness.  Long time comin’, huh?  We finally helped her understand that she doesn’t have to understand EVERYTHING to be baptized, but that more knowledge and understanding will come after baptism and after receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  She’s gonna pull through!  Or I hope she’s gonna pull through . . . I think she’s gonna pull through . . . Is she gonna pull through?  All great questions and thoughts that only time will tell  =)
We met some other investigators during the week that were super firm to go to church.  We even got a member to take us to a couples house to take them to church and . . . Lo and behold . . . They were sleeping.  We even tried calling Everson (the husband) on his cell phone, but it was turned off.  When we passed there later that day, he said that it wasn’t ever turned off and he seemed sincere about it.  Looks like something weird happened.  Who knows.  We will see what happens!
Another kid named Lucas also went to church this week which was really cool and he seems really interested.  We will see what happens with time.  He is already reading the Book of Mormon and seems to really enjoy it so . . . #Batismo
This week was also a humbling one with the language.  I think I was forgetting where I learned the language and the Lord wanted me to remember that.  I had some difficulty this week in understanding and explaining which hasn’t happened for a long time.  It was hard but also a good lesson.  Just because the Lord already gave us what we asked, doesn’t mean we can just forget about that blessing.  I think we all do that way too much.  We become so excited with our new gift or blessing that we almost convince ourselves that is was US that did all the work.  We like to lie to ourselves don’t we?  We just need to remember who really gives us all of our amazing blessings.  If we could do that all day every day, life would be so much better.  The Lord wants us to remember Him, and whether He needs to teach that softly of harshly, it will be taught.  Just do your best so that He doesn’t have to teach you harshly.  He loves you, but He needs you to learn and wants you to become as He is =)
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Write me lots, keep it real, keep it smooth.  Keep it real smooth.  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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