Monday, January 20, 2014

That Awkward Moment


Whudddduuuuup errbody!?!??!  How’s life?  Shout out to my girl, Niu, for leavin’ or almost leavin’ on her Mission.  Stay ballin’!  Stay Baptizin’!!!
This week was a lot better than the last.  We were able to teach a ton of people this week but we didn’t really find anyone new or super interesting.  It was more following up on people that we already had.  Cleide and Ednaldo both went to church again and are ooooohhhhh so close to bein’ Baptized!!!  They know they need to and they WANT to.  They are just a little nervous to really DECIDE.  They need to do a little better with coffee and smoking as well but are SO close.  They are almost obeying the Word of Wisdom 100%!!!!  They are super legit and I’m pumped for them.  I believe they will be Baptized this week.  Just pray lots for them, okay???  You da bomb!!!
Cicero didn’t go to church this week and we aren’t sure what happened.  He was progressing quite nicely but we will see what happened this week.  Marcos is SUPER pumped and firm for his Baptism this week.  He stopped drinking alcohol and coffee and all that the moment we taught him that he needed to stop.  He even started obeying the Law of Chastity right after we taught it with temptation right in his face.  He is SUUUUPER quiet but very excited to start a new life so let’s hope that everything goes correctly for him  =) 
Our Zone finished this week with . . . 1 Baptism =(((((  GAH. T ough week.  BUT since we had our Zone Meeting it seems like things got a lot better.  Our Zone had a ton of people at church and lots of people who are preparing for Baptism on the 18th . . . We are improving for sure which is the good thing.  We just need a little more fire and excitement.  Those are faulting quite a bit but definitely much better now.  Our Zone has lots potential . . . We just gotta let it out!!!!!  People get so nervous or tired that they don’t realize what they can become.  It’s really frustrating to see that.  But just gotta do our best to help them to their best  =)
I think that that is about all I got for this week unfortunately.  We didn’t have any super new spiritual experiences this week which I am sad about.  Spiritual experiences only come if we search for them so that was my bad.  I will do better next week  =)  Last week of the Transfer!!!  Pray lots for my Zone please!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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