Monday, January 27, 2014


Baptism of Ednaldo and Cleide  =)
That awkward moment when . . . You get called to be the new Assistant.


No, but for real . . . It was super awkward . . . Hahaha.  Well, for those of you who did not hear already, I got called to be the new Assistant to the President!!!  It's pretty dang different, but good at the same time.  Lots of stuff to get used to.  Lots of graphs and numbers and meetings.  BUT I guess it will be a good way for me to get used to technology again before I get home . . . Hahaha.
Summary of last week:  I got the call that I was transferred so I packed up all my stuff on Monday and we had transfers on Tuesday.  I actually really didn’t know if it would be me because when I got there, there were a ton of Zone Leaders that had been transferred.  I actually was extremely nervous and said many prayers to try to keep calm . . . Haha.  Transfers always stress me out way too much.  Well, President announced that I would be the Assistant with my trainer, Elder Rodrigues, and that we would be working in Aeroclube with is LITERALLY on the side of Tabuleiro.  I was actually kinda mad . . . Hahahaha . . . Cuz the Assistants were my neighbors already . . . Basically, I had to pack up EVERYTHING and clean EVERYTHING and take EVERYTHING to the meeting in Farol just to get sent to my neighbor’s house . . . Hahaha.  Oh well.  Life goes on.
Then we got to go to the airport to get the newbies which was super weird because I felt like I was the person arriving like yesterday.  The new Elders look at us like we are the best people in the world . . . It’s really weird . . . Haha . . . Cuz I don’t feel like I’m very good at all this!!!  We stayed at the Mission Home a lot of the day eating and then took all the Missionaries to their areas.  The next day, we had a meeting with them and their trainers which was cool.  I love Air Conditioning.  I LOVE IT.  IT’S SO HOT HERE.
Ednaldo, Elder Jensen, Cleide and Odlande  =)
After that, we had to set up all the graphs for the Zone Leaders and plan out our Leadership Meeting with President.  Just being able to chill and talk to President and Sister Gonzaga is awesome.  I even asked Sister for a tour of the house cuz I always wanted to see the second floor.  Basically, I felt like I was watching Cribs - Mormon Edition.  But our Meeting with President was the best.  We just sat there for three hours and planned out meetings and he explained all the situations in the Stakes and what his plans are and all that good stuff.  It’s weird being Assistant cuz your view of the Mission is waaaayyyyyy bigger.  You have to see everything and understand everything.  You have to know every problem.
It’s actually slightly stressful.  Lots of weight put on your shoulders.  This month we are going to lose about two weeks with meetings.  We lose every Monday night and the whole day on Tuesday.  We have to call all the Zone Leaders a few times during the week to follow up with them and see how they are doing which is fun but stressful too.  I find myself asking more for the wisdom of Solomon these days cuz there are some situations that I just don’t know what to do.  Following up on one Zone is a lot but following up on maany Zones is just a buttload of information . . . Haha.
BUT we do have time to work in our area still.  I will answer some of Moms questions here cuz it will help a little bit. 

1 - Daily responsibilities: BAPTIZE and help other Missionaries to BAPTIZE by following up on their numbers and being sure that every number has a name.  Also thinking out our Trainings.

2 - Daily schedule:  Kinda depends on the day!  Some days in the office.  Other days in the field.

3 - When President travels we will usually go with him.  But when he has to got to Lagarto (Which is a District so he has to preside), we stay here and leave that to him. He also doesn’t go there too much because there is a Missionary couple there that takes care of things.  They are getting ready to become a Stake in Lagarto and divide with Aracaju South and Aracaju North.

4 - I live in the exact same place, just a house over . . . Haha.  The secretaries live in Farol, so it’s just me and my companion in our house.

5 - Luckily, we still proselyte quite a bit  =)  Just more pressure cuz we have to be an example for our Mission.

6 - We NEVER eat at the Mission Home . . . Haha . . . Only when the new Missionaries get here.  President is really strict on making sure that the Staff doesn’t get any special treatment and that everyone is equal which I think is freakin’ legit.
Alright that’s about all I got for now.  Giant e-mail . . . Haha . . .  Life is good!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!  We have a Baptism this week for a kid named Aristotles so wish us luck and pray for us!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

Jane, Elder Jensen and Levi

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