Tuesday, January 7, 2014


"Just Cuz"
"I’m God's chosen, he puts me in the rows and keeps my wrists frozen. Like an explosion I cause a commotion spit the truth like a prophet I talk to the ocean. People fear what they can’t understand I thank God that I can. Never losin’ my faith. Haters gonna try to degrade. Gotta be in my state of mind to relate." #FightingTemptations

What Up!!!!

Hey hey heyyyyyyyyyy errrrbody.  Sooooo this week was utterly legit.  Things in our area are getting a lot better and we seein a lot more success.  The New Year was pretty chill but nothin toooooo terribly exciting.  We had dinner at one of the Sister's house from the Ward which was awesome and fattening =)

Elders Rock & Jensen on New Years Eve
Ednaldo and Cleide did not go to church unfortunately this week because they had visits from family in São Paulo.  Buuuut when we passed by there the first thing Ednaldo yelled was "next week we are there!!!!"  Hahah . . . It's so incredibly nice to have investigators who are actually excited and really wanting to do better!!!
We also had two men visit the church this Sunday, Marcos and Cicero.  They are both single and their wives abandoned them so they are both pretty low at the moment.  They really want to have better lives and be happier so it was pretty cool that the Lord took us to them.  #ILoveMiracles  They both loved church and naturally the Ward was excited to see men visiting the church.  Real growth is freakin’ difficult.  Haha . . . We always laugh cuz the Ward Leadership ALWAYS says in whatever Ward it may be: "Elders, we need more Baptisms of men."  And we always respond,  "Yeah we do!  So help us out."  Haha people think we don’t try to Baptize men.  But that’s the general idea!  Men and families!!!
The Zone is still struggling . . . Actually we have two sisters that apparently one of them was verbally abusing the other . . . NO good . . . We have a lot of really tired and stressed and unfocused people.  Luckily we have a Zone Meeting tomorrow morning so let's hope that that will help!  Just need to refocus.  The Zone made a goal of 30 Baptisms in January but we started this month with only two sooooooooo the mathematics aren’t lookin too hot up until now.  I feel like people aren’t really COMMITTED to reach their goals.  It’s more of "put a goal because it’s a rule to put a goal."  Gotta change that!!!!
Well I think that that is about all I got for y’all this week.  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!  Be good, be safe, write lots!!!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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