Monday, January 21, 2013


Hey hey, you . . . I don’t like your girlfriend!

This week Gilsa is . . . More or less.  She doesn ‘t have any reeeeeeal desire to really improve.  She can be pretty lazy.  She gets home around five from work and is just "too tired" to do anything.  To even pray.  How truly difficult sitting in an office all day is.  To the point she struggles to find energy to pray.  How difficult  =(  But we will see what happens with her!  Her daughter is also going back to São Paulo this week so I am pretty worried that when she leaves everything is just going to fall straight through.  Prayers prayers prayers!

We did, however, have a pretty cool miracle this week, though, in a kid called Julio.  One of the young men in our Ward introduced us to him and, oh boy, is he ready.  We taught him and his mom and I swear he was the real missionary.  He accepted to be baptized super fast but his mom was crazy hesitant.  I just stopped talking near the end because Julio just kept saying, "Just accept it, mom.  If you want a better life, accept it”.  For about ten minutes he said stuff like that.  Just testifying and then inviting again and then testifying and inviting again.  It was the coolest thing ever!!!  And . . . Finally she said, "I will accept it’.   #SWAG!  #HECKYESYOUACCEPTIT!  It was such a cool experience to see a kid that young with no knowledge of the church have a testimony like that.  He isn’t even baptized and he has already gone with us to teach other people two times . . . Hahaha.  He is thirteen years old so he is a miracle for sure!  Huge answer to prayers!!!!!
This upcoming Monday, not only to we get to have our Mission Tour with Elder Bednar, but on Sunday, he is going to be the presiding authority at our Stake Conference!!  Not just him but Bishop Stevenson and Elder Costa as well.  So I get to meet them all and hear from them all two times this next week.  As I study more and more of "Jesus the Christ", I am getting more and more excited.  An Apostle of Christ . . . Gosh, how cool is that?  How truly lucky I am.  I feel like I felt when Derek gave me the shiny Blastoise card for Christmas in Hawaii;  ECSTATIC.
Well I was not transferoed!  I will stay here in Bebedouro I am guessing for six more weeks.  It should be interesting because our area is super small so as to exactly what I am going to do now I am not sure!  But it will be great!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Write me lots!  The church is true!  Serve missions!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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