Monday, January 28, 2013


Well!!!  What have we got . . .

This week, due to a sudden turn of events, we have an emergency transfer!  So I was transferred out of Bebedouro and am now in an area called Antares.  Our area is HUGE which is pretty weird for me because our area in Bebedouro was super duper tiny.  We got here on Thursday and got all unpacked and all that good stuff and got to meet some members that night.  We are pretty lost here, but luckily our Ward Mission Leader is suuuuuper legit and helps us out a ton.  Members as well.  The area is jam-packed with apartments so it’s definitely a lot different.  It’s also a much richer area.  Members even have CARS.  WHAT?  Yeah I will never take the blessing of cars for granted again.  ESPECIALLY in this area . . . Haha!  We have already received several rides to several places which is absolutely delicious!   Aaaaaand my new companion!  Haha . . . Just kidding.  I am still with Elder Augusto.           

We got here and the other missionaries had left a few investigators for us to work with.  Not a ton but it was enough to get started.  We also have members that are introducing us to a lot of people which is absolutely awesome!   =)  Our ward is suuuuuper young.  With all the kids there, I couldn’t help but think of Ash and Tom's Ward . . . Haha . . . It’s really cool and everyone really likes the missionaries.  They even mark everyday for us to have a member work with us!  Super legit and young Ward!
I’m learning a lot these days about patience.  I thought I had a pretty good grip on patience but . . . WORD TO THE WISE:  Do not get to up on that idea.  The moment you think you got everything under control, the Lord throws a "Trials" card from his deck and all of a sudden you realize that your deck doesn’t have a card to counter that one.  I know.  I already played with Pokemon Cards for years, people.
I’m lookin' forward to this next week!  Can’t believe how quickly January passed (or is passing)!!!!!  The work is good and harvest is great  =)  We have lots of work to do!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! B e good, be safe and write me lots!  Love you!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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