Monday, October 8, 2012

Yes, YOU! Go on a Mission!

Bom Dia!

SOMEONE TELL ME THAT ANGELA MERRELL IS GOING ON A MISSION THIS INSTANT.  Holy 19!!!!!!!!!!  I was blown away!!!  We were sittin’ in Conference and President Monson was talking and before he even said anything everything got really quiet and peaceful.  I had been getting stuff out of my bag and all of a sudden I just felt that feeling and looked up to hear the announcement that it is 18 for boys and 19 for girls!  The boys part was cool but the girls?  MY GOSH!  The first person I thought of was Angela.  I reeeeeally hope she has a desire to go!!!  Please let me know!  It was prettty funny right after though.  It basically means that all guys on missions right now aren’t going to have ANYONE to marry when we get home!  Hahahaha . . . Like every Elder was saying this exact same thing.

But, really, Conference was absolutely INCREDIBLE.  I think it may have been the first time that I ever really truly stuck to watching all the way through.  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that the words of the Prophet and Apostles are so dang swaggy!?  They had a room for English speakers, of course, so I went to that room.  I could understand in Portuguese, but i didn’t want to miss anything.  Eonference is only two times a year, so i couldn’t let anything slip.  I don’t have my notes with me but Elder Holland . . . He never ceases to amaze me.  I don’t know what else to say.  You all know what I mean. There was also a talk in Priesthood session (the name is passing my mind) about being men.  I don’t know how to explain it and do it justice so . . . Go look it up.  Super awesome =)  And, of course, all of President Uchtdorf’s talks . . . That guy just rocks my socks.
Well . . . As you all know, this last week was my first week with Elder del Castillo.  He is super smart and also very OCD with some things.  Haha . . . For instance, he uses four shavers every day.  One for his neck, one for his moustache, one for the other parts of his face and, the fourth one, I have yet to figure out.  He’s always up by 5:30am (#insane) to shower for like 30-45 minutes.  He is a mysterious, mysterious man.  But, if things like that are my biggest worry about him, I suppose I don’t have much to worry about at all!

This week was pretty slow and super short.  We only had three days to work because of a baptism for Elders Denna and Izquierdo and General Conference.  We are in Maceió right now and got to watch Conference here . . .

Jacqualine and Naiane . . . Nope  L  The adversary is doing everything he can to stop them.  Their families are hating on the like crazy.  Jackie is scared to talk to her Mom and Naiane didn’t want to be baptized because of her family arguing with her.  It’s interesting how when they were investigating other churches, it was never a problem with their families.  Bu, the moment they started investigating our Church, the world exploded.  #proofthatthechurchistrue . . . Their families think we are a cult and that we are manipulating them.  Yes . . . I was trained for years in the arts of manipulation and lies.  All those years of Kingdom Hearts and PlayStation taught me how to be a masterful teacher and liar who can fool absolutely anyone . . . Obviously, that’s exactly why I am here.  That’s exactly why I left behind my entire life for two years . . .To lie to people . . .

So, we made a goal with them . . . By Tuesday, they need to have a date that we can visit their families.  I see no other way to change the families’ minds other than showing them that all we do is teach about Christ.  We just need them to know that we are normal human beings with a great message.  I’ve been praying a lot that this works out.  Jackie and Naiane are BEYOND prepared.  The Lord has put them in this spot for a reason.  I don’t know for sure when they will be baptized, but I know that it will happen someday.  Maybe I won’t be here . . . But in two years when I get home and look on FaceBook to see pictures of their baptisms, I am going to cry my eyes out with joy.  I LOVE THESE GIRLS!  They are absolutely incredible and their desires are amazing.  I’m hoping that our goal works and that I can baptize them.  Pray lots for them!!!!!

Elder Denna and I did splits this week, too.  As we were knocking on doors, we came across five women and we explained who we were.  They then proceeded to explain that they are missionaries for the Betel church.  A little awkward, but it’s all good!  They invited us in to pray, so we entered, closed our eyes, and crossed our arms and BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!  The whole world exploded!  All five women started yelling and screaming their prayers with their hands in the air.  Ohhhhhhhh my gosh.  I couldn’t stop laughing!  I was cryyyyyying!  And then I looked over at Elder Denna and he was doing the exact same thing . . . Hahaha . . . Which made me die even more!  I was so glad that the women had their eyes closed because they would have haaaaaated us!  Ohhhhh . . . Such a priceless moment!

I’ve got a good feeling about this upcoming week.  I’ve got some ideas of where we are going to work and I feel like the success is really going to come through this week.  I’m really excited to get back to São Miguel and start workin’ again.  This weekend has been great, but it’s really time to get back to work!!!!

Well, I love you all so much!  Thanks for all of your support.  And YOU . . . Yes, YOU!  If you are a young man of 18 years or a young woman of 19, GO ON A MISSION.  We truly are in the last days, the Lord needs the greatest army he can gain.  GO!  Start your papers now!!!  Can’t wait to hear from you all!  Write me lots!!!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Elder Jensen

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