Monday, October 15, 2012

Bad news = I ran into a car

This week . . .

We were SO close to baptizing Naiane!  She was going to be but . . . It just didn’t quite work out.  As for Jackeline . . . WE GET TO MEET HER MOM TONIGHT!!!!!  I don’t know what y’all are doing back home, but keep it up!  Such a HUGE answer to prayers.  I am beyond excited to meet her and help her understand more about what we believe.  I truly believe Jackie and Naiane are going to be baptized this Saturday  J  I can feel it!  Thank you all so much for your prayers and fasting!!!!!

Other than that, the week wasn’t anything TOO exhilarating.  One day, it was raining and my umbrella was blocking my vision because the wind was in front of us aaaaaand . . . I may or may not have run into a car.  Bad news = I ran into a car.  Good news = I’m basically the Hulk and Elder Del Castillo said that I bent the license plate.  I didn’t see it because I walked away as quickly as possible.  Buuuuuut . . . Yea . . . I’m super strong like that.

Elder Denna and Elder Ezquierdo had two baptisms this week, so of course I am super happy for them.  Except Marina . . . One of the girls is a “snake”.  A “snake” is a girl that tries to tempt missionaries or . . . ya know.  She’s always looking at me and Elder Denna super weird and I just cringe and feel extremely uncomfortable . . . #SuperAwkward  #DangBraziliansLoveUsAmericanDudes

We managed to meet a few solid investigators this week, but nothing that I can say is “for sure” yet.  As time goes on and we know more about them, I will fill you in  J  We taught a lady and invited her to Church.  She said she would go and we asked if we could walk with her.  She basically said, “You don’t trust me?  If I say I’m going to go, I’m going to go!”  Yeah . . . She didn’t go . . .

Well, besides that, really not too much to report!  This week really picked up and working with Elder Del Castillo is awesome even though he is super OCD with everything having to be perfectly clean and in place . . . It’s weird but, hey!  Good guy!

I love you all a ton!!!!!  Please keep writing.  I love hearing from all of you.  I especially want to hear from all of the youth who are deciding to go on Missions!  GO!  But write me first!!!! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Jensen

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