Monday, October 1, 2012


Hi, family!

This last week had its ups and downs without a DOUBT . . . We had one day where eeeeeeverything was fallin’ right into place!  Perfect day with everything . . . And then we had two days following that just . . . Stunk . . . Haha.  Nothing.  No one kept commitments, people weren’t showin’ up and people didn’t want to hear the message.  Rough two days!  We even talked with this kid who is a Jehovah’s Witness.  All he wanted to do was prove that God and Christ are two different people . . . Ummmm . . . Yea . . . We already established that we believe that as well, remember?  But, nope.  He kept wanting to argue and prove it . . . Hahaha . . . Pretty funny.  Also, a little frustrated with people who say things like, “I’m searching for God so much in my life.  I haven’t found the right path yet, and I know that He will show it to me if I have faith.  I just know the right path is out there somewhere.”  Bam . . . You’re so ready for this Gospel!  So you start talking to them and ask if they want to hear aaaaaaand . . . They say, “No, I don’t want to hear it right now”.  What?!?!?!  #confused  J  On the flip side, Heavenly Father has blessed me with an amazing ability to stay positive.  So, life goes on!

Jaqueline and Naiane are progressing AWESOMELY.  Naiane is for sure going to baptized this week . . . 100% . . . Jackie . . . She will be baptized if she gets permission from her parents.  They are not very receptive and she is afraid to ask about baptism.  So, please pray a TON for her.  She rrrrrrrreeeeeeally needs the prayers!  They are so legit and ready!!!!!!!

We met two people this week named Francisco and Adriane.  Suuuuuper legit couple who live together, have two daughters, buuuuut . . . Don’t want to be married.  Adriane wants to, but Francisco . . . It’s so sad.  It’s like they have no real confidence in their relationship.  They both understand that being married means being truly TOGETHER and it’s like they are afraid of that.  Almost as if they know they aren’t going to make it . . . It’s super depressing.  So please . . . Pray lots for them!

Well, the reason I am writing late today is because . . . Drum roll . . . Emergency transfer!  But I didn’t leave São Miguel.  Elder Rodrigues left for somewhere in Sergipe.  No one really knows why . . . It’s kinda sad ‘cause I learned a ton from him and we were reeeeeeally good buddies.  But it’s time to keep goin’!  Pretty excited really  J  My new companion’s name is Elder Del Castillo and he is from Bolivia.  SUPER legit as well.  I’ve gotten really lucky with companions so far.  He’s super nice and laid back and the Spirit is really strong around him!  We just visited the super market, though, and DANG!  I guess the dude loves to cook!  Skinniest guy ever, but . . . Oh, boy!  Looks like he can eat like nobody’s business! 

Haha . . . So, yea!  That was the week!  New companion . . . Time to learn more and progress more and help these people change their lives!!!!!  #mormonswag

I love you all!  Be good!  Be safe!!!!!! 

Love, Elder Jensen

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