Monday, October 1, 2012

Families are Forever :-)


Well . . . Really not toooo much this week, but I’ll let ya know about the important things I can remember!

I’ve learned a ton this past week about the importance of families.  Jackie and Naiane, two of our investigators that are absolutely AWESOME (they even made us a cake last night and I almost cried of sheer joy J), have a lot of problems with family.  Neither of their families want them talking to us.  For Naiane, it’s not a big deal because she is 20, but for Jackie, it’s a problem because she is only 16.  And, we have to have consent from the parents to speak with minors . . . They are increeeeeedible and both really need this Gospel to help them.  It’s what they are searching for and I know that without a doubt in my mind.

Another story about the importance of families, stronger story really . . . Is about a woman named Jessica.  It’s a really sad thing here . . . When a husband has a wife, it’s normal for him to leave his family and go live with another woman or family, even states away.  It’s one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen.  Jessica is “married” (I really don’t know what to call it) to this guy called Sandro who really has a different wife and family in some other state.  The saddest part is, and the part I reeeeeeally don’t understand, that she absolutely hates this guy.  After he left, she was talkin’ to us about how ignorant he is and how much she doesn’t like him.  She was crying her eyes out.  We don’t really understand why she stays with him . . .But there must be some reason.

All I know is it really made me see how important it is to have love at home.  How important it is that we love our spouses (for those of us with one) and our children, and our brothers, and sisters, and just everyone.  That we have such a POWERFUL influence on those in our home because we really are a unit and a team.  We live together and do everything.  Every action we take has an impact on someone else.  This is why Heavenly Father gave us families – To help the other improve and feel more happiness and joy during our times together or not together – That we absolutely ALWAYS have each others’ backs.  Friends come and go, but our families are OUR FAMILIES.  We only get one.  If you only had one computer for your whole life, how would you treat it?  You would do everything you could do keep it in perfect shape.  It’s the same thing and waaaaayyyyy more with families.  We only get one.  And not just for this life . . .But for ETERNITY!  So, we have to do everything we can to stick together and help one another  J  THAT is when we will feel truuuuuuuly happy  J

Well . . . I sure do love you all!  No baptisms this week, but things are lookin’ up.  Investigators are poppin’ out of no where and reeeeeeeeally are answers to all of your prayers!  We have four weeks to close ‘em up and get ‘em baptized!  Maybe more if I stay here, but we will see!  Everything’s great!  Life is fantastic!  I think about you all every day!  But I’m so happy to be able to bring this joy that I have at home to others.  Because everyone needs it!  J  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Love, Elder Jensen

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