Tuesday, April 29, 2014

That Awkward Moment When . . .

Waiting for the font to fill
Your Bishop sings EXACTLY like Will Ferrell doing Robert Goulet on SNL!  WHAAAAAA!?!??!


Man, this week was really good.  Elder Wigginton and I were totally wiped out . . . Our area has a lot more hills than my last . . . Every area.  So we are kind of tired of that.  Plus we are working like crazy these days!  Gotta get stuff done!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty (Nacho Libre accent).  We had three Baptisms this week!  Noemy (I spelled her name wrong last week), Marcos and Yago.  Our Bishop was super happy that we had Baptisms . . .That Ward has had four Baptisms in the last six months or so . . . That doesn’t really make any sense at all but it happened!  It seems like our Ward is more worried about reactivating people than anything else.  But any Baptisms that come along the way they are in to help.
Baptism! Noemy, Yago, Marcos
This was our first Sunday at our own chapel.  Man . . . Our Ward is extremely small!  Bishop was not lying to when he said that we need to treat and take care of our Ward like a baby . . . We had an attendance of probably between 30 and 45 . . . And most of the members we have are very new and inexperienced . . . Just to give you an idea - Our lunch for that day gave us money for lunch DURING church.  Hahahahahaha!!!!  So . . . We ate bread and cheese for lunch!  And an apple.  And an orange.  It was a really tasty lunch.

Baptism of Noemy, Yago, and Marcos
Bishop also asked me and Elder Wigginton to speak at church on Sunday.  I gave a fifteen minute talk on "Joy In Sharing the Gospel With Heavenly Father's Children".  I still can’t believe how easy it is to give fifteen minute talks now . . .  I wrote out some ideas on a small piece of paper and used like half of them.  I think I looked at that paper like three times . . . Hhaha.  Sometimes the words just come out really easily . . . .I got very blessed in not getting way too nervous to speak in public.  It was very fun!

We met a 22 year old named Alisson this week.  We were actually searching for a less-active when we found him.  He recently broke up with his girlfriend and is living alone now.  He is SUPER interested and was SET to go to church but . . . Slept in -________- That was a total bummer!!!!!  But we are going to go back this week and see what’s up.  We have only taught him the Restoration with The Book of Mormon up until now this week. 

I called some old friends from my Ward in Aracaju this last week to see how they are . . . One family that helped us a ton while we were there recently fell away from the church and started going to another . . . They live a little bit farther away than most members and rarely received visits from other members.  When I was there they started going through some very difficult situations with their family members.  It took a while but they DID fall away and they DID start going to another church that they say is "the true church" and that "God revealed it" to them. 

I would just like to bear my testimony of the importance of TRUE home teachers and TRUE members of the Church of Jesus Christ.  That family fell away from the church NOT because of belief, but because they were tired.  They say this new church they are attending relieved them.  We all know that because our church is true, we will be attacked and persecuted our whole lives.  We will go through difficulties that others will not.  That makes us different.  They found rest in the other church because the enemy no longer was worried about them.  They fell away because they did not have strong support from the other members.  They can say whatever they want, but they fell away because their spirits were tired and no one helped.

We don’t comprehend very well the importance of supporting one another.  We are the Church of Jesus Christ.  We are in this together.  We have to help each other!  We have to love each other!  How much more can we give to help others?  I am positive we can still give much more.  How many people fell away from the Gospel because they were tired?  Very, very many.  Who comes into mind thinking about these things?  Make a goal!  Help that person!

I love you all so much.  I hope we can always serve one another with the love that Jesus has for us.
Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

 I got to go to Antares today to say good-bye to some people.
This is Anderson, Tayná and Amon =)

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