Monday, April 21, 2014


You know you’re on a Mission when . . . You go to a Churrascaria and eat a 45 buck lunch and then walk a mile and a half back to your house because you don’t want to pay for the bus.


Today, we decided to eat lunch at a Churrascaria because Elder Wigginton had never eaten there.  SO GOOD.  But my wallet still hurts . . . Its’ a good thing I had extra!  He looked so dang happy.  Every time someone came by offering the next meat he just got this huge smile on his face . . . Hahaha.  LUNCH WAS SO GOOD!
View from Apartment in Canada
This week was good!  Canadá is a pretty cool area.  SUPER poor but cool.  We live right on a hill in front of the ocean.  We aren’t super close to the water, but we can see the better part of the city and the super green ocean water.  Seriously.  I have never seen water this green in my life.  It’s incredible.  I’m just happy I don’t work in the area that has the beach because it is a ton of tourism and rich people.    

Our Ward seems super excited.  Our Bishop had complained to our Mission President a little while back that he needed more Baptisms in the Ward . . . Which I think is funny because I got sent here in response to the complaint, but I really don’t Baptize very much.  Anyways, we had a meeting with our Bishop and some other Ward leaders yesterday and we drew out a bunch of plans.  Bishop says our Ward is "Like a baby".  Most of the members are super young and their testimonies are still a little shaky.  It’s much different working here than in our last area because the members have very little experience.  BUT desire is all we need to start!  We can work with that!

Our Relief Society President, Lucia, helped us out a TON this week.  She gave us a ton of referrals and showed the whole area to us.  She showed us three kids that she has been taking to church . . .  João Vitor, Marcos and Noemir.  They are all very young so we are happy that Lucia is helping them because they wouldn’t really have a chance to get Baptized without her.  They would have no way of getting to church and their parents don’t want anything to do with the church . . . These three are marked for this week so wish us luck!

This weekend was Stake Conference for us.  Elder Cruz, an Area Seventy, came and talked which was LEGIT.  He was SUPER funny and excited.  We got lucky because we heard from Elder Grau a few weeks back and then we got transferred to a Zone that got another Area Authority!  Man, they are amazing.  I always leave feeling so much more excited.  Elder Cruz said something I LOVED - "It’s better to do what the Lord asked than to not do it and feel remorse for the rest of your life".  He said that is terms of young men serving a Mission.  I loved it because he was really blunt that serving a Mission isn’t just an idea or a thought, but an EXTREMELY important COMMANDMENT.  Elder Cruz left it very obvious for us that serving a Mission really isn’t an option . . . You have to do it!
All in all, the week was good!  We are still getting used to the area and all that but I’m confident that it will all start rolling along nicely.  This was the first week in a loooong time that we didn’t have an investigator at church and that was utterly frustrating.  I don’t like that feeling.  We can do better.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Until next week!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

These cookies were a total lie.
They were nothing like what they said
they would be!  Come on!

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