Monday, April 14, 2014

If the moon were made of cream cheese... Would ya eat it?

Whuddup, yall!!!!!

Wowzers.  This week was a blessing!  Rough!  But a blessing  =)

We started off the week going to Arapiraca which is an inland city.  We did splits there with the Zone Leaders which was super fun.  I think I already said this in the past but splits are what make me most nervous on the Mission.  I always get really stressed and want to do well so that I can be a good example and really help out the other Missionary.  I always work my faith a lot more on those days . . . Made me wonder why I don’t do that more often to be totally honest . . . We wait until the tough moments to really exercise our faith.  How lame is that!?!?!? 

I also forgot our keys on that Split . . . Our keys to our house, the office and the other house in Farol . . . So I had to call a guy to open up our door and make new keys for us.  The dude just used a hair clip to open the door and then made the key.  Making a copy of the key is like 4 Reais . . . Ya know how much he charged???  60 REAIS.  WHAT.  I was so frustrated because that is a total rip-off.  He can only charge that because he knows how to do it and other people don’t.  Normally, I would get a reimbursment from the church, but I already had an emergency fund and I didn’t see why the church should have to pay for my mistake . . . But, dang!  60 REAIS!  Come on!

Other than that this week was extremely fast again.  Friday, we came to the Office to check out the Transfers.  Once again . . . We tried to guess Transfers and we just never even get CLOSE!  BUT . . . Elder Wigginton and I were transferred together to an area called Canadá.  I’m pretty dang sad to leave Aeroclube . . . Aeroclube is probably the best Ward that I passed in on my whole Mission and I was really hoping that I would finish up there.  Canadá is supposed to be a very poor area and other than that I don’t know much . . . Haha.  I only know that the Lord said I have to go there, so I’m goin’!  Only four weeks there . . . Nuts.  Scary too.

Saying good-bye to Members in Aeroclube

We had a lot of cool miracles this week with new investigators.  All of our Baptisms from last week were confirmed as well which was a huge blessing  =)  I was feeling pretty lazy after Friday because I knew that I was going to leave the area, but I knew we had to work hard up until the end as well.  Happy to say in the end of it all that we left two Baptisms all ready for this Saturday for the next Missionaries that are going there.  That was a really good feeling . . . Just to know that the next Missionaries can be a little less stressed by knowing that the area is already ready for them and that they have investigators already.  I hope we find the same thing in Canadá!!!!

I would fill you all in on the new investigators but seeing as I won’t be following up much on them anymore I don’t think it would make much sense!

This week is Transfers and that means . . . LUNCH AT PRESIDENTS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!  I love seeing all the newbies get here . . . It’s my favorite part of the Transfer now (Other than Baptisms).  Some Americans are going to get here in two weeks too which means . . . ANOTHER LUNCH AT PRESIDENTS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!  #DoubleWIn

The church is true! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen


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