Monday, February 10, 2014


Me and my Dad
Alright this week was the weirdest week of my Mission for sure in terms of scheduling.  I will try my best to fill ya in.
Sunday, we slept in the Secretaries’ house in Farol.  We drove to Aracaju on Monday morning and cleaned up the church there and got everything all set up.  Then we slept in Grageru 2.  We woke up the next day and had our Leadership Meeting!  I was honestly pretty dang nervous to do the training we had, but it ended up going really well (I think!!!).  I really want to do a good job as Assistant and make a difference which kinda makes me stress out.  It was the same thing in other positions as well until I felt more comfortable and more confident . . . I’m sure I will get better! (I Hope!!!!)
We slept in Grageru 2 again that night and then went back to Maceió on Wednesday morning.  We ate in Farol and finished the Mission e-mail and finished up the numbers from the previous week which took a few hours.  We had to clean up that chapel there as well so we ended up getting back to the house in Farol at like 11:30 which was terrible, but worth it.  

Thursday was the same Meeting as Tuesday just with other people.  I felt like it went better the second time around.  I felt a little bit more comfortable  =)  That night . . . I GOT TO SLEEP IN MY OWN BED.  Oh, so nice.  I have so much respect for people who travel a lot now . . . Haha.
At the Airport with the newbies  =)
Friday, we got to work in our own area and Saturday as well.  Unfortunately, we lost a lot of time trying to close up Simones Baptism which . . . HAPPENED!!!  Simone was Baptized!!!  That was super legit to see and she seemed very happy.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find many new investigators because our time was so little . . . It’s pretty frustrating to finish the week with numbers that are so low, but I guess I will just have to be very, very, VERY efficient with the little time that I have.  It’s a good lesson to learn.
For this next Saturday, Aristotele’s is going to be Baptized  =)  It’s already all set up.  His dad is going to Baptize him and all that good stuff  =)
Elder Rodrigues said something this week that helped me out a little bit with all the tiredness and craziness.  He said that being Assistant has helped him to learn to love serving others.  Basically, everything we do is to make sure that the other Missionaries are good to go and are doing their best.  It’s not very easy to sacrifice so much of my own time for other people.  It’s something that I’m really not used to doing.  But I can see how important it is and why God expects it of us.  Service is literally giving up your time for other people.  I always knew that, but maybe I never had really LIVED that until now.  I think I am just starting right now.  But it’s a good lesson to learn  =)
That’s about all I got!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!  Be good, be safe, write lots!!  TCHAU!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

Sister Gonzaga, Elder Leonan, Elder Jung, Elder Rodrigues, ME, Presidente Gonzaga

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