Monday, February 17, 2014


Goodnight!  Boa noite!  Buenas noites!!!!

How’s it goin, y’all???  How’s life?  Let me try to fill you in on my week real quick . . . 

First things first . . . Aristoteles was Baptized on Saturday!!!!  YES!  That was a really good experience and a very special meeting.  His family was less-active for awhile because they move a lot.  His dad, Val, works for Petrobras which is a gasoline company that BASICALLY controls Brasil . . . Haha.  They didn’t ever do anything TOO bad it sounds like, they just kinda stopped going when they moved.  But Val just got called as the Young Men President and he seems super excited.  His wife, Rita, is actually pretty chill.  Just really nice to see families going to church together  =)  Getting’ ready to go to the Celestial Kingdom and live together and what not . . . Doesn’t get much better than that!!!

We had a lot of time in the area this week which was a HUGE blessing.  I love working in the office because it’s a super new experience and in a weird way I kinda like being lost.  Makes things more exciting.  But I need to learn to improve my attitude when we have to stay in the office for long lengths of time.  My happiness comes from being out there and talking and walking and getting to know people so when I have to sit in front of a computer for a few hours my grumpy side comes out.  I for sure need to get better on that and I’m sure I will.  I only recognized this yesterday so I am excited to try to get better soon  =)

We had a Division this week and I stuck with Elder Saavedra.  He is from Argentina . . . HE IS SO WEIRD.  So, naturally, we get a long great . . . Haha!  I already served in the same Zone as him.  I was nervous because I don’t know our Area all too well . . . We have worked in our area very little up until now, so it was pretty interesting but at the end of the day I still had all of vital organs and both arms.  I’d say that that is success!  We also met like six people and marked four Baptisms that day which was amazing.  Divisions are what make me most nervous on my Mission because I really want to be a good example for the Elder that I am supposed to be helping.  So luckily the day went well  =)
We met a really cool guy named David this week who is actually our neighbor . . . Haha.  He was in the Navy but messed up his spine really bad building some stuff and can’t work anymore.  He is only 24 so he just really needs someone to talk to.  He always a reeeeeally bad impression about our church too cuz his family is from a church (no names mentioned) that absolutely HATES "The Mormons".  So we are slowly helpin’ him out.  It’s incredible though how much the enemy works to make people feel.  This week his 2 year old daughter fell on her head and had to go to the hospital and then the next day (Saturday night) he had some weird spinal attack and had to go to the hospital . . .  So he wasn’t able to go to church.  Keep him and his family in your prayers.  SUPER special family!!!  We are gonna crush the serpent’s head!!!
We are reactivating a girl named Fabíola as well and her sister, Paula.  Their brother, William, showed up to church with them which was a HUGE miracle.  We are also teaching their friend Vitória who went to church on Sunday  =)  We are also working with two girls named Poliane and Poliana.  They are twins and their mom is a less-active.  But the mom is super . . . The twins went to church but we aren’t sure exactly what we are going to do yet because they are only 12 and we can’t take them to church every Sunday like we did.  So we will see!  Simone, the girl who was Baptized two weeks ago, also has a brother named Jonatan who went to church so we are trying to Baptize him this Saturday.  It’s gonna be rough because this week is ALLLLLL Zone Conferences . . . So we don’t’ have any time until Saturday to follow up on him. . . . Pray lots for us!  We are trying really hard to Baptize weekly to be great examples for our Mission.  The other leaders out here are generally young so we are trying to get people more focused on marking Baptisms and of course . . . BAPTIZING!!!  Nothing too new  =)
Today I am in Aracaju again and we stay until Wednesday morning.  Tuesday is Zone Conference for Sergipe and Thursday and Friday are Zone Conferences for Alagoas . . . So it’s gonna be a crazy week!!!!
That’s all I got!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Be good, be safe, write lots!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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