Monday, March 4, 2013

Yeah, buddy!!!!!!

"There is nothing more terrifying than driving with a live cougar."

Whuddup y’all!  Well, let’s get down to the nitty gritty (Nacho voice).  Elder Augusto was transferred this last week and I . . . Was called to be President of our Mission!  How cool is that? I  really didn’t think it was possible but the Lord really does work in mysterious ways.

No . . . Just kidding.  I stayed in Antares and my new companion is Elder Bispo which means Elder Bishop.  After just five days with him you can imagine which joke I am already tired of hearing from EVERY MEMBER OF THE WARD.  "What!?!? He is already Bishop!?"  HA HA HA HA.  Haven’t heard that one before -_________- Aaaanyways!  Elder Bispo is super legit.  He is from Belém de Pará just like Elder Pereira!  They didn’t know each other before the mission but Elder Bispo says he knows people from his ward.  Mormon World = TIIIIIIIIINY. Or tiiiiiiiiiiiny.  But!  He is really legit.  A little bit quiet during lessons and contacts but really cool.  He has six months on the mission which brings me to my next point!

Elders Jensen, Bispo, Evangelista, & Harris
I am officially the "oldest" in our District . . . Haha.  I have only nine months and I am the oldest here!  Elders Harris and Webber, two Americans who have six months on the mission as well, were both called to train!  Haha . . . Our District is suuuuuuuper young now!  But it’s really cool too.  Everyone is really excited to work.  The challenge now isn’t getting my District to work, it’s just helping them to understand what to do.  Which is pretty funny because I for sure still feel a little lost some times!  Haha . . . But hey!  Progress is always welcome here!  "You’re the best around.  Nothin’s gonna ever keep ya down" - Karate Kid song during the last fights. 

This week we had a pretty cool "prayer experience".  We were walkin’ in the street and a girl from the ward came running up behind us and said, "Elders I am so glad you are here. I had been praying to find you."  As we talked with her we came to learn that an older woman that lived close and takes care of her eight year-old twin grandkids, couldn’t find Eduardo, one of the twins.  He had run away and she had searched all day for him in every place and had not had success in finding him.  She (her name is Zeze) was SUPER distressed and crying when we got there especially since the sun was completely down.  I didn’t really know what we could do other than get her number and stop any kid on the way back to the house that looked like he was eight years old.  So we got her number and said we would call and before we left we said a prayer to find Eduardo.  So we took off really not having any clue what to do or where to go.  I just had this constant prayer in my heart that the Spirit would tell me where to go or what to do.  So we left and about twenty seconds later I saw a kid leaving an apartment.  SO I shouted out to him and asked what his name was and what did he say!?!?!?  "Eduardo".  Sayyyyyyyy whaaaaaa!
My gosh!  I could not BELIEVE how prayers had been answered that day.  First, the girl’s prayer to find us.  Second, our prayer to find Eduardo.  Third, my personal prayer to know where to go.  All answered in a matter of minutes!  SUUUUUCH a cool experience.  I think we forget a lot the power of a simple but TRUE and MEANINGFUL prayer.  We could do so many things, if we just always had that faith and desire to receive the answer that we are looking for  =)
The week was awesome and our area is looking waaaaay up!  We even had five investigators at church yesterday which was for sure a lot for me!  Haha . . . Week of miracles and I’m excited for the miracles that we will have this next week  =)
I love you all!  Be good, be safe, write me lots.  The church is true!  LOVE YOU!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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