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E-mail received March 11, 2013

Howdy, ya´ll!  Yes they say that in Brasil.  Cowboy = Gaucho.  Like Ga - oo - shoe

Well!  This week we taught a looooot and all that good stuff but it seems like the majority of our investigators fell through pretty quickly which . . . Stunk.  But, hey, life goes on!  We are here to work not to have a perfect life  =)  And I am A-OKAY with that!  Nara´s mom, Alessandra, still isn’t progressing very much and if she doesn’t do so this week, we probably have to drop her which is a stinker  =/  She goes to church and even sang in the choir for our Ward Conference but just . . . Isn’t all too interested in baptism.  It’s hard because she always says stuff like "It’s hard for me to believe everything that the scriptures say or what people teach at church."  YEAH CUZ YOURE SUPER STUBBORN AND WON’T PRAY WITH REAL INTENT.  This could be so simple if she would actually WANT an answer!
My District is super legit and I love everyone.  Elder Souza is a little Brazilian Justin Bieber . . . I will take a photo with him this week to show you all  (PS I hear Justin Bieber fought someone in England? #Legit #RespectForTheBiebs).  Our District is really really young and energized but we have trouble with marking baptisms and finding new investigators because of a lack of experience.  This week’s District meeting is going to focus  a lot on how to set baptismal dates and finding new investigators.  I know we have the best District on the mission, we just aren’t showing it yet  ;) 
This week really didn’t have too terribly much unfortunately!  Sorry  =/  If all of our investigators hadn’t fallen through I would fill ya’ll in a little more on them but, lo and behold, doesn’t make much sense to update someone on something that doesn’t exist anymore!  Haha . . . The week was really good though and always passes waaaaaay too fast.  Elder Bispo is super quiet still butttttt super legit too.  We are making plans to help him speak more in the lessons.  He is super awesome and I <3 him. 
Once again sorry I don’t have more to fill ya’ll in on!  But . . . I LOVE YOU!  Be good, be safe, write me lots  =)  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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