Monday, February 25, 2013

Yeah, Buddy . . .

But here´s my number, so call me maybe!!! 

That’s how I feel as a missionary, too.  Not just as a teenage girl pop star.

Well . . . This week for sure had a few miracle inserts!  Kinda like shoe inserts really.  They just make life better.  Our Ward Mission Leader started us off pretty well with a reference of this young family.  Their names are Cintia and Junior.  They have one son who is four years old and when we went there we taught all the first lesson, even the Book of Mormon and they sooooaked it in!  It was a really cool lesson.  I also got to teach that lesson with Elder Harris who is the other American in our house.  Not only was that lesson super legit but listening to Elder Harris speak Portuguese made me realize that I got SPOILED with this language.  Up until now I can’t believe that I can actually converse with anyone and understand them.  Whoever says the Gift of Tongues isn’t real is full of craaaaaaap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to meet that family again during the week - Just Cintia one time and super duper fast because Junior is part of the police and travels a lot.  They wanted to go to church and even Carlinhos, the Ward Mission Leader, stayed in touch with them during the week and said that they were both super excited and wanted to hear more, but it just wasn’t possible for this weekend because he had to travel.  But we will be teaching them again tomorrow so we will see how it goes!!!!
We also met an American and his wife this week!  Haha . . . She, Edith, is from here but was living in the United States illegally for about twenty-five years!  They got married two years ago, but when they put all the papers in, she ended up getting deported.  The whole situation is whack and she is SUPER depressed.  They both left kids behind from previous marriages but she just isn’t willing to accept that she can’t go back and just enjoy what she has here.  Unfortunately, her husband, Edward, is super insane . . . Hahaha.  I think he just misses speaking with people because he can’t speak ANY Portuguese.  Sooooo when we were there he would just talk . . . and talk . . . and talk and THEN!  He would talk some more.  Then a little more.  Then talk a little bit.  And after that he would talk.  And aaaaall this time what does he talk about?  The weirdest ftuff!  Conspiracy theories of 9/11 and how the Bible isn’t literal.  The stories just have meanings.  And somethin’ to do with the name of Jesus Christ and numbers and it relates to the Sun and WOW.  It was so weird!  It sufficeth me to say this:  All you people who served in the United States, I feel your pain and I have SOOOOO much respect for ya’ll now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week we have transfers but for some reason they are on Wednesday.  So our Zone Leaders are going to call tonight and fill us in.  It’s very, very probable, like 99% chance that either Elder Augusto or I will be transferred.  So next P-Day it will be the first thing I fill ya’ll in on!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all!  Be good, be safe.  The church is true.  Work hard!  I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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