Monday, February 4, 2013


Well, well . . .

This week has been pretty . . . Normal to be honest!  Haha!  I’m sorry I don’t really have too terribly much to fill you all in on!
We thought we were going to have a baptism this last Saturday, but she was a little nervous.  Her name is Nara and she is super legit!  She has her answer already and reads the Book of Mormon daily . . . She just got nervous.  She appears MUCH more firm for this week  =)   Other than that, to be honest, our teaching pool is super small here.  But we are trying!
We have been trying to work hard with members and luckily the members really want to help us out here with meeting their friends and all that good stuff which is awesome!  Our ward is super legit and everyone really wants to help out.  I really couldn’t ask for much more  =)
There is a couple in our Ward that has been going to church for about ten years and are SOOOOO faithful. But . . . They won’t get married.  They both have been married previously and are receiving money from the death of their loved ones which they are using to take care of their kids and parents.  They both want to be baptized SO badly, but especially the woman is afraid to not be able to take care of everyone.  They are my ultimate goal here in Antares.  They are SO ready.  We taught about the temple and she was crying (Dilma is her name and the husband is Enôque) and the lesson was super spiritual.  Pray and fast lots for them . . . Salvation is kind of a big deal!!!!!!
I’m really sorry I don’t have more to say today.  The week wasn’t full of exciting things this time . . . Haha . . . But . . .  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!  We have some meetings this week which means what?  LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!  #Swag  Be good, Be safe, write me lots  =)  Love you!!!

Love, Elder Jensen

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