Sunday, December 23, 2012

Herro tudo mundo!!!!

I’m sorry I don’t really have too much exciting news this week . . . It wasn’t a downer week but DEFINITELY had some downer moments . . .

Jadson (I had been saying Jackson, sorry) will not be baptized.  An extremely depressing thing.  Danilo MIGHT be baptized this week depending on if we get permission from his Mom . . . We cleaned her house so I’m hoping she will hook us up with a Saved Soul ;)

Douglas didn’t visit church AGAIN . . . He is thirteen years old and I don’t know if he just forgets EVERY WEEK or what the deal is but we shall soon find out!  I hope.  We met a girl this week that is only here for a bit, but already received all of the lessons a long time ago.  She wasn’t baptized because she got married and moved to São Paulo, but we are teaching her now and she is SUPER smart.  Knows all the answers and everything!  Her name is Mika, and I’m hoping Mika will be our next miracle!!!

Overall, this week passed WAY fast.  It was probably the fastest week I have had so far on my mission.  I had my first division this week too with Elder Guerra.  He is super cool.  We are learning that without the Spirit, these people are going to say all the things you want to hear.  But when they have CONVERSION through the SPIRIT they are going to do everything necessary to prepare for baptism!  That Spirit is EVERYTHING.  Without that Spirit, this Gospel cannot exist because revelations would be lost.  Without the Spirit we are just one more crazy religious group who wants to get people to visit church.  But NO!  We have the Spirit!  And it is our job to use It in EVERY single thing we do. F rom the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep!  LIVE THE GOSPEL!

Today was an awesome, awesome, awesome P-Day up until now.  Went to Farol and played volleyball with a bunch of Elders, practiced a song for Christmas Conference tomorrow and got SUBWAY  =D  That was a pretty darn great P-Day!

I’m sorry I don’t have tons to fill you all in on this week  =/  BUT it was a great week and its ALMOST CHRISTMAS!  "SANTA!!!!! SANTA!!!!! SANTA!!!!!  *Elf Voice*  I love you all!  Be good, be safe, write me lots!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Love, Elder Jensen

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