Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well, Whoopidy Dee!

Herro errone!

This week was quite the Spiritual uplifter for me.  But before I get into all that good stuff, I’ll give you some basic updates.  Josias completely fell through on Monday night and was not baptized this week.  He has a "friend" who used to be basically his wife and he has been spendin’ more time with her.  So he didn’t visit church which was weird so we went to visit him and he just . . . Didn’t want anything to do with baptism anymore.  I think that woman is the devil speaking in his ear (Notice how I didn’t capitalize "devil" because the devil isn’t that important to me).  And we had a few other investigators that we are still deciding where things will go with them.  One girl read all the way to Jacob 5 in three days . . . That for sure NEVER happens.  Buuuuut she does a lot to help her church and this month with Christmas they have a ton to do so we kinda have to let her go until January. Her name is Leticia.  Super legit!  But we will see how that plays out. And Douglas as well.  He wasn’t able to visit Stake Conference because his mom didn’t want him to travel there.  But she is fine with us teaching and everything so it’s all good. I believe he will play out quite beautifully  =)
Well enough of the boring stuff . . . Let’s get down to the knitty gritty.  I was praying everyday this week for a miracle.  When I don’t know what to do next, I just pray for a miracle and get out there and work.  ESPECIALLY this week.  So I did.  I prayed lots! Always hoping and acting and searching for a miracle.  Aaaaand . . . As we were walking one night, we received a call from Silvania who is the mom of Leo (one of the youth in our ward).  This was Friday night and she really wanted us to come over.  We started avoiding that house because the husband, Loronildo is ALWAYS drunk.  ALWAYS.  And because of this Silvania never wanted to marry him.  Makes sense to me.  So anyway . . . We went over there and she wanted to know when the free wedding was (there was a wedding for free in some other part of Maceió that a member was headed to).  When I asked why she wanted to know she said "Loro (Loronildo) said he wants to stop drinking and that he is going to stop so I want to marry him and get Baptized!!"  Ummmmm..... OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  #Ska-Doosh.  My gosh.  And the best part?  YES.  They were married the next day.  And YES.  I will never ever ever ever ever EVER question again if the Lord answers our prayers.  MY GOSH.  So we have their baptisms planned for this Saturday  =)

This week I was caught up a lot in thinking about the Lords plans for our generation and it was kinda blowing my mind.  Well the announcement of age change for the missionaries and that the mission in China opened up, it’s really starting to hit me that . . . We really ARE in the last days.  We have a LOT of work to do.  I was trying to figure out what my role would be in all of this.  There must be a reason I was called right before this announcement.  And the thing that came to mind was that this generation is extreeemely important for the Lords missionary work.  And when all these new and younger missionaries arrive, it will be my duty to help them out and train them.  The Lord has sooooo many plans and it makes me so beyond excited!!!!!  I was praying about all this missionary stuff and what is going on and the Spirit was SO strong to the point that my chest was hurting a little bit and it was hard to breathe. I don’t know exactly what the Lord has got planned.  But you can bet that I’m going to do EVERYTHING I can to be ready to serve where He needs me to serve and do what He needs me to do.  Pretty cool stuff goin down =)
Today and yesterday also I had the chance to meet and hear from Elder Costa, our Area General Authority.  He told some super legit stories and said some stuff that blew my mind but I don’t have time to write it all . . .I will write one story though real fast!
A man loved soccer.  LOVED IT.  But every Sunday he was faithful and didn’t watch or anything.  He went to his church meetings and went home after to be with his family.  But one day, his favorite team was going to have a HUGE game in the neighboring city aaaaand . . . Well he gave in and went to the game.  After the game he went home . . . Defeated.  His team had lost and he was tired and mad.  But on returning home he found it strange to find his family was not yet home.  And as the hour of church was long past, he was extremely confused.  In search of his family he went to the neighbors houses, thinking that maybe they are there. But . . . To his great astonishment, NONE of the neighbors were home as well!  Feeling extremely lost and abandoned he returned home again but found something different this time:  A note on the fridge that read like this:  "'Sorry! We couldnt wait for you' - Enoch"
Hahahahahaha!  I love you all!!!!!!  Be good!!  Be safe!  Write me lots!  Go to the Temple!  Serve a mission!  The Lord has plans!!!!!!!!!  HUGE PLANS AND HE NEEDS ALL OF US TO DO OUR PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So what is your part?  A mission?  Marriage? A calling in church? Who knows? Only the Lord =) So start searching right now!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Jensen

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