Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bringing in the Sheaths . . .

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, (Nacho Voice)

Loro and Silvania were married and baptized!  Honestly . . . This letter is going to be kind of short because that baptism basically completed my life.  Not only had I been praying exactly for a miracle the week they called and said they wanted to get married, but they pulled through and were baptized!  Saturday I pulled a "Mom".  I cried my eyes out at that baptism.  It was the most perfect night that I have ever had in my life!  We had so many members and the Spirit was SO strong. I t hit me after their baptisms that we had just completed a family . . . Now everyone was baptized and would have the chance to be sealed in the Temple.  FOR ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So when that hit me, piled on top of just how happy I was that day, I lost it.  Started crying like crazy.  I can’t believe how lucky I was to be the Lord’s tool.  After a year of missionaries trying, the Lord decided that the job was for me and Elder Pereira . . . How lucky can I get!?!?!?  Soooo . . . I was crying crying . . . Finally stopped, and then, I remembered how just a few weeks before the mission I had the chance to enter the Temple with Momma, Dad and ALL of my brothers and sisters.  And it hit me just how important that day is to me now!   That picture I have on my Facebook of us in the Visitors Center at the Temple will always be the most significant photo for me in my life.  It marks the day that all of us had the full opportunity (besides we need to be married) to live together forever in the Celestial Kingdom.  So I lost it again . . . Hahahahaha.  I just kept thinking, "Man . . . I’ve never cried because of sheer happiness before.  Mom would be so proud of me right now".  GREATEST NIGHT EVER.  To the point where I was so happy, the next day I was exhaustedddddddd.  I hope you all can at least grasp a little bit how happy I was!
On another note, Elaine's brother and cousin are preparing for baptism on the 22nd and probably Douglas too.  Leticia was beyond busy with other things so have to drop her until January.  Douglas didn’t visit church again so we have to postpone his baptism again -_____- Dang youngin’s.

In OTHER very shocking news . . . I was called as District Leader!  So this last weekend was much more crazy for me because of interviews and all that good stuff!  I was super nervous but now that I’ve done most things one time, I feel alright.  What an honor I have  =)  So excited to be able to serve even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry this letter is kinda short!  Got some photos I wanna send.  The Church is true!  I love you all!  Be good!  Be safe!  #SWAGWSIGGIDYSWIGSWAG

Love, Elder Dylan Jensen

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