Monday, August 13, 2012

We have pictures!!!!!!

This is a view of the city of São Miguel from my house.  
I would love to show you all that is above my house, 
but I can't get a picture of that!
When we're together, 
we recite the missionary purpose in our mission.
At the end, we yell “Baptismos!”  
So I, of course loving sports, had to put it on paper 
and attach it to the wall right where we walk out.  
So, when I leave I kiss my hand and tap the paper . . . 
Excuse my chubbiness . . . 
But this is a walkway along the side of the hill. 
We walk it almost every day ‘cause most members 

live on the other side of this trail. 
Super pretty view though . . . 
Just a random alley close to our house
  I had to take a picture . . . Dunno why!  
I would send more pics but . . . 
For example . . . 
When I took this one, 
this guy was EYEING my camera!  
So, I don’t take it out of the house very much!  
Just me and Elder Rodrigues 
Here’s my picture for the wedding cut out! 
Thumbs up for Derek and Emily!  

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