Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to my dear Palmer!

Familia . . .

Happy birthday to my dear Palmer!  I was thinkin’ about her a lot yesterday . . . Must be so big and even more annoying now!  J

This week went very well!  Some days can be really, really hard and tiring, but every time I get tired, I get this thought in my head that I just gotta keep pushin’ and trying.  And, when I do, very soon after, we find a new investigator or at least someone who is willing to talk and learn and all that!  Pretty cool stuff.  The Lord is really blessing me. 

Last night, right as I was getting’ tired, we knocked on the door of an 82 year old lady named Maria.  We taught her the Restoration and all that good stuff and she was crying!  She said she had been to other churches but that she had never felt the joy she was feeling right then.  Pretty cool considering I’m guessin’ she has . . . some experience with life.  Then I felt like I needed to talk about the Book of Mormon so I did and I gave her one and she just about flipped out!  Hahaha!  I was laughin’ so much.  I think my companion felt a little unsure about it, but I was absolutely lovin’ it.  I think she really believes and wants to learn  J

Gilbeno and Cicera are getting’ married on the 31st of this month!  So . . . They signed the papers and everything and will be getting’ baptized on the 1st of September!  They are an awesome family . . . And they have two boys, Kayky and Juninho – both are really, really cool and fun.  Love that family and am super pumped for them  J

We would have had a baptism this week, but it was Stake Conference so we couldn’t.  Hard part is that the girl we were going to baptize, Gabriela, really struggles with smoking.  So, we go by her house every day and check in and what not.  Prayin’ that she will stay ready!

Edvaldo is 15 years old and his baptism is set for next week.  He’s totally ready  J  Deborah is ready, but she can’t find time to get off work right now.  She does political stuff and it’s the craziest time of the year right now with elections.  Also super annoying time of the year ‘cause there are cars with the music for each candidate and all the songs are ANNOYING!  But, oh, well!  I hope she will find time soon . . .

Other than that, just lots of individual lessons here are there.  The LZs came this week and took Elder Denna and Elder Rodrigues with them which left me and Elder Izquierda.  I wasn’t the happiest at first ‘cause the LZs took our companions which meant they taught all the lessons and everything we had planned and they told us “Just go make contacts”.  Hahaha . . . I’m such a complainer . . . Anyway, it ended up bein’ really good.  We taught this family with four ladies and they were all way into it.  Got them all to commit to baptism!  Except they aren’t in my area . . . They are in Elder Denna and Elder Izqyuerdas’ area . . . #bummer . . . But, it’s all good!  It was really cool!!!

Ah . . .One more funny thing . . . The doors to the houses here?  Way too small.  Seriously.  I struggle so much to get through those things.  I always have to turn at an awkward angle to fit through . . . LOL . . .

So . . . To answer some of your questions . . . Our house is actually very nice.  Except we don’t have carpet.  Derek knows what I mean . . . Haha!  I miss carpet so much!  It’s a great house, though.  Everything works great and it’s clean and . . . Yea! 

For meals, we have lunch with a member every day.  Breakfast and dinner are up to us.  I’m learnin’ what’s cheap and everything and what’s good to cook.  We eat a TON of bread.  It’s like $1 for 5 fairly large pieces . . . Super cheap.  But, so bad to eat this much!  I’m going to send some pictures so you will see my chunkiness . . . I just started runnin’ again and I’m gonna be more careful about what I eat.  Haha . . . I really don’t want to gain any more weight!  I gained like 5 kilos in the CTM! 

The weather here is beautiful!  Besides the humidity, it’s a lot like Gilroy.  We have hot days, but because we are close to the ocean, we get a lot of clouds that cool everything down.  It rains a lot, too!

São Miguel is a small town about 45 minutes to an hour south of the city of Maceio.  I can’t really explain any more than that . . . Haha . . . I’m sorry!  It’s gotta be on a map somewhere, though!  Super pretty . . . Wayyyyyyy out there, but super pretty!

So . . . We have Nash and Howard now?!?!?  And I’m not there to see it?!?!?  Ahhhhhhh such a bummer . . . So sad . . . We better do work, Ma!  Cheer lots for me!  SO PUMPED!!!!!!!

I’m not sure when I will be receiving the mail you all send.  It depends on when we go to Maceio or if people are coming here maybe they will bring it.  I really don’t know  J

I can’t believe Derek and Emily are off takin’ Engagement pictures!  Can’t WAIT to see that  J   BTW . . . Can you say, “Tall, sexy, ATHLETIC kids”?  Jealous . . . Oh, so jealous . . . I love you more than you know!

Everthing is goin’ great, though!  The Lord is blessing me a lot with . . . Well, anything you can think of He is giving it to me (spiritually).  I love you all so much!  Be good!  Pronto Sempre Pronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your son, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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