Monday, August 27, 2012

Laura the Lamanite

Well . . .

This week was good!  No baptisms and a couple of rough moments but, overall, it went really well.  We have some great new investigators and four baptisms this Saturday  J  We met a family of five, but only three live in the house right now . . . Really sad.  The Dad was in a car crash a few years back.  He can’t walk, talk, or use his right arm.  And he also doesn’t really know what is right or not right.  He’s suuuuuuper nice, though, and I can tell he likes us (plus his wife said he likes us J).  I don’t understand how that family can be so happy, but they are.  It’s a really cool and humbling thing to see.  The wife, Adriana, and their daughter, Wesliane, are both awesome and really willing to learn.  I think they will be baptized in about two or three weeks.  Reeeeeeeally awesome people  J

Just a few funny stories . . . One is about spiders.  At this point, you may be thinking, “We all know Elder Jensen is deathly afraid of spiders”.  Well, my friends . . . The Lord truly is a God of miracles.  The other day I felt something on my arm and I looked to find a spider.  And, what did I do?  Nothing.  I realized it’s just very normal to have spiders on me around here.  So, yea, I flicked it off, but I didn’t flip out at all!  I am truly improving!  Yes!  #winning. . .

Another story is about the Lamanites.  I met two this week.  One by the name of Laura and one . . . Well, I never learned his name.  Laura the Lamanite, however, gave me quite the laugh.  We were teaching about the Plan of Salvation and the three kingdoms of glory and she proceeded to inform us, “I believe all of those things, but not about the three kingdoms”.  Well, of course, we already had 1 Corinthians 15 prepared to teach, sooooo . . . When she said, “I want to see that in the Bible.  If it is says something about that in the Bible, I will believe it”, we were sooooo ready for her!  We read it to her (not Bible bashing because it was already planned to read) aaaaaaaaand!!!  She said she wanted to see somewhere else in the Bible where it says that and THEN she would believe.  Laura the Lamanite . . . I really learned from her that for some people signs aren’t enough.  I finally understand why the Lord doesn’t give signs to people, but rather tests their faith more often.  Because many times, people are so blind that a sign doesn’t change anything.  It was really an . . . Interesting experience.

The other Lamanite . . . I don’t know his name so I will just call him Perdition.  We knocked on his door and he wouldn’t look at us.  Just wanted to talk about how we worship Joseph Smith.  Basic flaw that people have when they think about our religion, so I wasn’t really surprised.  But, when we tried to explain . . . Gah!  #ineedmorecharity . . . Anyways, when we tried to explain, he pulled out his military badge like . . . Trying to threaten us!  Anyway . . . I won’t speak too much of Perdition . . . He will have his time . . .

Other than the Lamanites of Sao Miguel, nothing to exciting, haha . . . Baptisms for Edilane, Edison, Gilbeno, and Cicera this week!  All very firm, so we will just keep following up and I feel confident about that (knock on wood).  Everything is really great!  I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much for your prayers and support!  J

Love, Elder Jensen

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