Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oi!!! Come vai?

Well . . . This week has been MUCH better than my first.  Things have really started movin’ along.  I feel like I can actually express thoughts and ideas now.  They press so much Gospel stuff on us right away that I have started gettin’ decent at speakin’ with Gospel related topics.  But, just speaking and holding a conversation are different ‘cause we don’t really get to do that allll too much.  But still . . . I’m learning A LOT!

Mom, I wish you had been here when I got your first letter.  The Sisters were makin’ fun of me a lot.  “Dylan, you got a letter!  From who?  Momma Jensen?!?!?!?”  Haha.  I was sooooooo excited!  Of course, first question I got was, “You’re a Momma’s boy, aren’t you?”  And I said, “Heck yeah and proud of it!”  Then I proceeded to tell them how you act and speak like a gangster, haha . . .

I can’t even begin to explain how much the Temple means to me now.  Once again today, it kinda allowed me to slow down and get my feet back under me, which I really needed.  I feel like I feel the Spirit so strongly there and hear the things I need to hear in order to grow.  After a week of being stressed, the Spirit really helps me relax and calm down.  I thought I enjoyed the Temple back home, but here, where I legitimately NEED it, I feel things more strongly than I have felt before.

I really wish you could meet Irmao Costa.  Chances are that I will mention him in every letter until I leave the CTM.  He is just the coolest and most spiritual guy ever.  All he wants is for us to be successful, even if that means being a little rough on us.  He lets us know when he doesn’t like something we do ‘cause he wants us to be the best Missionaries we can be.

Well, we got four new people this week - Three Sisters and one Elder.  Elder Krauser is Elder Garn’s and my new Companion. He knows Spanish pretty well so his Portuguese is coming along very quickly and he is a huge blessing.  He changes everything for me and Elder Garn – makes our lessons much more powerful.

Things are gettin’ better with my District now that everyone is more used to the whole situation.  Not nearly as much stress, so that’s good.  And, I gave my first blessing here!  To Sister Stewart.  I have a feeling I will be giving lots of blessings since we have seven Sisters, haha . . . But, it was really cool.  I could reeeeeeeeally feel the Spirit telling me what to say.  I knew exactly where to go with each sentence and I’m so happy I’m worthy of receiving those things from Him.

One of the new Sisters, Sister Johnson . . . Yeah . . . Beastin’ at basketball.  She played at Utah State and then played professionally in Australia.  Her first day here, she was like, “I don’t care!  I’ll go beast mode on the Elders!”  I was scared outta my mind . . . She’s like 6’2” or 6’3” and is so strong!  She’s super good at shooting . . . Strokes it pretty legit, haha . . .

Well, I bought a ton of chocolate today ‘cause I find myself craving it throughout the week.  Hopefully it lasts longer than two hours.  I try not to spend too much out here.  I’m still the same money-wise.  I hate spending money unless I have to.  And chocolate?  I had to . . . Definitely a necessity.

It’s funny hearing all the other Districts tell me how sorry they are for me ‘cause I have all Sisters, haha.  At first, I thought it was terrible, but I just realized I learn a lot from them and can learn a lot from them.  It just takes patience sometimes, which is one of those things I really do need to learn.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been given all these situations.  It’s all preparing me, though!

Well, really, not too much happened this week . . . Everything is comin’ along.  I’m glad you guys are gettin’ people to write to me.  Just make sure everyone sends me “real” letters (in the mail).  I know y’all got it, though, and that’s why I love you!  You all are the best!  I’m gonna go read some letters and then maybe I’ll send another.  Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Jensen

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