Monday, October 21, 2013


"Works are temporary . . . The benefits are . . . PERMANENT!"

Howdy Hey Howdy Hey!


We were so close to Baptizing this week!!!  Then the Ward decided to have like a million activities and Bishop couldn’t go.  The girl wanted to be Baptized by our Bishop so we decided to hold out until this next week . . . #CURSES.  Life goes on though, huh  =)
Piter went to church again and is super pumped for his Baptism this week as well  =)  Good kid! Got deported from Italy but . . . He’s doin’ a lot better now.  #Gospel  #SpiritChanger
We actually met a lot of cool people this week, but not many went to church.  Only a man named Lima and Piter showed up to church which was frustrating but still a blessing so I will definitely take it  =)
I learned something interesting this week . . . We have rules as Missionaries not only to protect us BUT ALSO to protect our image as Missionaries.  The moment someone starts to see us as just goofy young kids, it will be impossible to teach them.  We lose that Spirit of teaching.  That "Missionary Spirit" that everyone talks about is much more real than I thought.  I think Missionaries get shocked on their return home simply because that Spirit leaves.  But it’s not the SPIRIT’S fault.  It’s because we start focusing on things, maybe not even BAD things, that don’t TRULY invite the Spirit . . . Makes me kinda nervous to go home actually . . . Haha . . . Life is so tiring, but SO simple and focused here!  Good lesson!
Our Zone Baptized ONE person this week  =(  Everyone is kinda just . . . Poopy at the moment.  We are tryin’ hard to excite everyone, but we are in the middle of a very large battle!  I really hope we can pull it together in this last week before Transfers . . . The week before Transfers is generally when people give up the most so we gotta pull out a miracle here!  #PRAYFORUS
I love you all so much!!!!  Be good, be safe!!  Write me lots!!!  PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen


Baptism of Rafael and Tainah   =)

Our District

Elders Roberto and Jensen

Home Sweet Home

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