Monday, July 8, 2013


Mission Meeting with Elder Moroni Torgan
“We are gonna do up-downs until Blue here is no longer tired!!!”

WHUDDUP ERRRRRBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was absolute insanityyyyy for us . . . For sure one of the busier weeks on my Mission. 
We weren’t exactly sure how everything was gonna turn out with Rafson on Monday, but we had a Family Home Evening at a member's house that helps us to teach him and, by some miracle, he decided that Baptism was for sure what he needed to do!  He said, "I just know that I need to be Baptized and afterwards I will grow more and learn more."  RIGHT YOU ARE, MY FRIEND.  RIGHT YOU ARE. 
Tuesday was a pretty fast day but didn’t really give much success . . .

Wednesday is when things starting getting crazy.  We taught Rafson the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity in the morning (we were kinda nervous he might be gay but he wasnt!!! WOO HOO!!!!), had splits with another companionship, and went to their house a ways away that night to sleep there because . . .

On Thursday, we woke up at 4:45 to get a bus close by to go to Maceió.  We got there around 12 in the afternoon, ate and had a leadership meeting with Elder Moroni Torgan . . . #HOLYSTUD  That meeting was absolutely incredible.  I have never met someone who knows the scriptures so well.  He just threw out all these scriptures right off the top of his head and everything made so much sense!!!  SO LEGIT!!!!  That night we slept in Maceió and the next day . . .
Woke up at 4:45 (again -_____-) and got another bus at 6 -_____- and went back to Aracaju.  We got here, went to our area and ate lunch, went to the Stake Center and got all the chairs and tables set up for our Mission Tour with Elder Torgan with all the missionaries in Sergipe, went back to our area, did Rafson´s Baptismal Interview, worked a liiiiiittle bit, filled up the Baptismal Font and . . .  #SLEPT.
Saturday we had our meeting again with Elder Moroni Torgan which was absolutely legit again. Also nerve racking that . . . Elder Scofield and I had an interview with him afterwards because our Zone ate dirt last month.  Every time we heard from him it was amazing, but what he said in that interview hit me really hard...
We had heard him talk lots about Personal Revelation and listening better to the Spirit and when he asked what we had learned in our meetings with him we said just that.  He just kinda looked at us and said, "Exactly.  I feel like that's what your Zone is lacking.  And it starts with you two."  Yeah that hit really hard.  Every time I feel like I am doing so well, I realize I am soooooo far from where I would like to be.  I thought I was doing good with strong prayers and listening to the Spirit but I realized . . . I’m not.  I have a LLLLLOOOOOOTTTTT to improve on.  And I’m glad that he was there to tell us what we need to do.  It was actually an answer to our fast because Elder Scofield and I were both looking for an answer to help our Zone  =)  But it was also cool to see how Elder Torgan didn’t just try to burn us, but really showed how much he believes in us that we can turn this Zone around . . . We will do it  =)
After all that we went back annnnnd Baptized Rafson!  A perfect way to end an extremely fast week.  A very spiritually edifying week really.  I learned a LOT.  And I am pumped to put it all into practice =)
I sure love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Write me lots, be good, be safe.  #BATISMOS!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

PS - When Elder Scofield confirmed Rafson he wanted to say "que você possa ser um ferramento nas mãos de Deus" which is like "that you can be a tool in the hands of God" . . . But he said "que você possa ser fermenta nas mãos de Deus" which is like "that you can be yeast in the hands of God".  #WIN

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