Monday, July 15, 2013

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Zone Meeting!!!!!

That awkward moment when a teen icon dies of an overdose . . . #GoodExample


This week was really, really, really legit!!!  After Elder Torgan’s training, we had a Zone Meeting to speak more specifically about what we learned.  It was really cool to see the Lord's hand in every part of that meeting and our whole week . . . It’s crazy how we can start to plan a meeting and have no idea what to do and just out of nowhere all of these ideas come out and go together perfectly . . . And then to see and feel the Spirit so strong in that meeting.  We talked a lot about our duty of being lighthouses and lifting up the Light of Christ to others . . . Helping others understand better why we are there.  But especially we talked about listening better to the Spirit.  New rule in the Zone is: When you finish Companionship study in the morning you say a prayer and present EVERY plan you have for the day and ask to know that it is right – That your  plan is what Christ wants it to be.  Then when you get home you pray and tell God everything you did that day . . . Who you met or taught and ask what you need to do to help them and to know if they are the people that Jesus wants us to teach.  Then you plan with your companion, listening very carefully to the Spirit and when you finish you pray to know that the plans you made for the next day are Christ's plans for your area  =)
Rafson's Baptism
Even cooler to see how that really worked.  The Lord showed us right where to go this week.  Showed us exactly what needed to be done and what our area needed.  We met sooooo many people.  We made over a hundred contacts and nothing ever ever ever felt forced.  It was just all super normal and natural.  #FREAKINGLEGIT
Even cooler to see how it changed our Zone . . . GOSH the church is so true.  Once everyone started doing these prayers, they started meeting tons of new people!  We even have five Baptisms for our Zone this next week  =)  Still not good enough . . . But definitely an improvement!!!  #TheChurchIsTrue

Super fast-paced week and lots of following-up to do!!!  I love you all!!!!!!!!  Be good, be safe!  Write me lots!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

This week I thought someone left oil in the pan in the fridge so I put it on the stove so that it would come off easier... Well two things went very wrong. . . . First of all it wasn't oil. it was maple syrup . . . Second, I forgot it was there and it filled up our entire house with smoke . . . #IDontCook

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