Sunday, June 30, 2013


That awkward moment when . . . You get transferred and are called to be the new Mission President.


Actually . . . Nno awkward moments this week!  BUT we did have transfers.  A loooot of people in our Zone were transferred which I know is going to be really good for our Zone.  We had a lot of people that were kind of dying, so I think that the changes will be good!  We actually had one Elder that just finished his Mission and just to show how lost this kid is . . . He had his pass and everything to get the bus for Maceió.  Yeah.  His bus came and left and he didn’t even see it.  The bus waits for a good 20 - 30 minutes at least . . . Hahahahahahaha.  So he had to get a different bus about midnight! HOW!?
This week, we worked our behinds off  #MissionarySensored and actually managed to meet some really cool people.  It was a huge blessing because our area is a little difficult but we were able to make 14 new investigators which about tripled our numbers from our past few weeks.  Pretty cool  =)  No one Baptized this week  =(  #Sadness
Our Mission is actually having a really bad Baptism draught but it’s just because of a lack of focus.  Lots of Missionaries that don’t do what President wants us to do and invite people to be Baptized on the first visit.  We had splits with an Elder who didn’t have that focus on the Baptism and when he finally started to do it, his area started to have a lot more success . . . Whuddya know!  President really WAS called by God!
Other than that . . .  Not too terribly much this week.  We go to Maceió for transfers tomorrow so that’s another four hours to get there!  We have to be at the bus at 2:40 in the morning -_______-
Well I love you all!!!  Be good, be safe.  Write me lots!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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