Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hey hey!!!

Well, I got transferred in another Emergency Transfer!  The secretary called on Thursday and said that I was going to be leaving the following morning.  I actually was really nervous.  Emergency Transfers make my stomach feel really bad.  I get really nervous and anxious (no I didn’t do anything wrong) . . . I just feel that way!
So Friday I headed off to a place where we have to get a bus.  Generally you only go there if you are going inland or to another state soooooo . . . I kinda had an idea.  ANYWAYS!  I got called to be Zone Leader A in Aracaju Sul!  This is my first time in Sergipe so I’m super pumped.  Everyone always speaks really highly of Aracaju and . . . Up until now it has been pretty great!  We baptized a kid named Luis Eduardo yesterday and this next week we are going to baptize a man named Jose Elias.  I don’t know exactly what happened but he always had problems with tithing because he is having huge financial difficulties.  Well . . . We taught him one more time and . . . I don’t know what happened but he is super ready for this week!  I was kinda nervous because he seems a little "slow”, but . . . Even in his prayer he was like "help me to have strength to be baptized this Saturday so that I can overcome Satan and obey God" and all this cool stuff!  SUPER LEGIT!!!!!!
My new companion is Elder Scofield and he is from New York.  He kinda reminds of Jason soooo . . . I love this kid!  In general, Aracaju is a looooot more chill than Maceió.  It’s just more organized and clean and everything.  I like it a lot so far   =)
I have been studying the heck out of Jesus the Christ these last few days . . . I already read it once but dang . . . THIS BOOK IS GOOD.  I have been learning so much!  #KnowledgeIsTasty!
I don’t have too terribly much to fill you all in on but . . . I LOVE YOU ALL!!!  Be good, be safe.  Stay classy!!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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