Monday, November 5, 2012

There can be miracles . . .


How’s everyone doing this wonderful semana?  I find myself saying many statements like that when thinking in my head. . .  Always switching back and forth between English and Portuguese . . . Haha . . . It’s actually really funny!

Well this week was a pretty tough one.  All of our commitments fell through basically . . . Frustrating.  Really didn’t have tons of success.  It’s extremely hard to meet people here who want to take action.  Just a very tough area.  But we keep working!  We met some kids that seemed interested, one in particular really named Ygor.  So we are going to focus more on him this week.  The hard thing here isn’t getting people to listen, it’s getting people to ACT. And that is just something that I will have to learn how to teach better =)

Training Elder Pereira is a piece of cake!  Clearly because I am incredible.  Haha!  No . . . He is super smart and his testimony is super strong.  I don’t really know what more you could ask for from a missionary!  Some of the basic teaching things he hasn’t gotten down yet but that’s where I am trying my best to help him out.  He is very willing to listen and helps me out lots as well.  A lot of training and study in the mornings turns into conversations about deep doctrine stuff . . . Haha . . . But somehow always makes the full circle back around to how we will apply it in our teaching.  The Lord is REALLY helping me train him because I know for a fact that as a normal human missionary, I am in no way qualified or ready to train him.  So each time I have to train him I just PRAY that I will say the right thing to help him out.  And most of the time (coolest part), I learn a ton.  I just start talking and saying things I had never thought of.  I think we get called to lead more to help ourselves . . . Haha.  Teaching is FOR SURE when we learn the most!!!!!

We have been working hard this week doing lessons with members and having members introduce us to friends and family.  I’m almost positive that most of our baptisms will be through less actives who have family who haven’t been baptized.  So that’s what we will focus A TON on.  Gotta adapt to survive!  =D  It’s been really cool though (I know that I have already said this lots) to learn to keep on going.  That moment when we feel like we are SO far away from what we want or need is really the moment that we are closest.  God just wants us to take a feeeeew more steps and we are there!  Those last few steps are the hardest, but they are when our faith is tried. Are we tired and quitting?  Or are we thinking about how the Lord is going to deliver us if we keep going?

I’m sorry I don’t have too terribly much to fill you all in on. I would fill you in on investigators that are progressing but we honestly didn’t really have any this week. You can count on it next week though!  =)

I love you all a ton!  I hope everything is going great and everyone is staying strong.  Be good, be safe.  And write me lots!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love,  Elder Jensen

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