Monday, November 12, 2012

Booooooom Dia!!!!!!!!!

Let’s get to it.

This week was definitely much better.  Numbers and everything were just more solid.  The week FLEW by!!!!  

We had the opportunity to paint the Relief Society presidents house . . . Gosh dang I hate paint here.  It’s not real paint.  It’s just this powder that they put in water and mix it and it barely does anything at all!  #IHateMyLife!  No just kidding but really . . . I hate that paint.  BUT I can’t complain because she cooks as her job aaaaand . . . You guessed it!  We got to have lunch there and snack and everything =D   She even knows how much I love these cookies called Trelosos, sooooo . . . It was kind of like a preview of the Celestial Kingdom.  LOTS OF TRELOSOS IN THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM.  And our bodies are perfect there so I can eat as many as I want and never get fat!  =DDDDD

This week we met with a young girl named Elaine a lot.  She is cousins with a member and has already visited church four or five times (one of them was my first week here).  She wants to be baptized and I’m 99% sure we will baptize her this Friday night.  She is EXTREMELY difficult to teach though because she is beyoooooond shy.  Asking questions is basically impossible . . . Haha.  BUT when we have talked about her prayers in the past she says she felt something she can’t describe and . . . Well . . . We all know that that’s my boi - The Holy Ghost doin’ work  =)  #Spirit!

We have also been teaching two references from a member in the other ward.  Jailton is the members name, Estefanie is his fiance and Rose Estefanie’s cousin.   They both want to be baptized this week, but I am having this inner battle with myself at the moment.  I don’t want them to be baptized because Jailton wants it and because they want to get married. ‘I want them to get baptized because they KNOW that baptism is how we change our lives.  It’s how we become as "perfect" as we can be.  It’s how we can live with GOD again.  Baptism isn’t a joke to me.  I love it wayyyy too much and I don’t want them to be baptized without having that same feeling that I have.  Think about this:  For a few moments (it won’t stay for long), when that person is immersed in the water and when I pull them out, they are PERFECT.  They are completely clean with absolutely no sins.  I am essentially holding an Angel in my hands.  This person has no more sins.  They are completely perfect.  And each week after that, they have the opportunity to partake of the Sacrament and start over again!  My gosh!  I love Baptism!  But Baptism in the right manner - for a person who truly understands what a blessing they have to be Baptized  =)

So Rose and Estefanie have the opportunity to be baptized this Friday as well.  I just need to do work (the Spirit needs to do work) to get them to understand and have a true testimony of what they are doing.  If they have that testimony . . . Well my life doesn’t get much better than when I have moments with people like that  =)

Our Bishopric gave some amazing talks yesterday -  ALL about missionary work. I LOVE OUR BISHOPRIC.  I think I have a man-crush on every single one of them.  They help us out so much . . . Hahaha . . . For example, this week we met the second counselor, Elias walking in the street.  He was with one of his buddies who may or may not have been slightly drunk . . . Haha.  So this guy’s name was Jose (his name IS Jose, his name has not changed and he did not die).  So I just asked him straight up "So, Jose you gonna be baptized!?"  And he just said "Vamos!!!" Haha!  Or "Lets go!!!" "And your family too!?"  "Vamos! Tudo mundo!"  and Elias has plans now to go there and teach him and his family and everything!  Haha I love it!  What could easily just be taken as a joke, our Bishopric takes as "No, I’m serious. We are going to baptize them." I love it  =)

Well, family and friends . . . I hope all is well!   I love you all so much.  Members really do make ALL the difference in missionary work.  Give ALL the support you can to the missionaries in your ward and stake.  They really need you all!  If you can’t do much, if you’re super busy, just get ONE reference for them.  Teach ONE lesson with them.  If not for them then for me!  And if not for them or for me, for our Heavenly Father  =)  D&C 18:16.  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!  Be good, be safe  =)  The Church is true!

Love, Elder Jensen

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