Monday, November 19, 2012


Whuddup Errrrrbody!!!!!   (The missionary manual says not to use slang... I’m a rule breaker)

Well this last week was solid!  We didn’t get the chance to meet a TON of new investigators, but ,you can bet we try our hardest =)  I was talking with Elder Pereira about how everyone has some phrase that they say most.  He says mine is "Vamos Trabalhar".  Haha . . . Which more or less means ”Let’s get to work”.  I hadn’t thought about it but, yeah, I use that phrase a lot!  It motivates me . . . Haha.

Well, what we have all been waiting for . . . Estefany (sorry I change how I spell names . . . I never know how to spell when we start teaching them) and Rose were baptized this week!  My goodness gracious that felt so incredibly great.  Baptism . . . There is honestly nothing like it.  I just feel GOOD after.  I don’t know how to describe the feeling . . . Haha . . . Especially through typing . . . Ask someone who has served a mission =)  I was super nervous for those two and was honestly having this huge inward battle with myself about if I would allow them to be baptized or not because of how lazy and boring they were during lessons.  I don’t want to baptize people who aren’t ready, so I was thinking and praying a lot about postponing the baptism for another week. BUT I got my answer!  On Wednesday, we had our usual church activity and they were there.  Afterward, we taught them but they sent Jailton (the member who gave us them as references) back to the house.  I seriously had no clue why they did that but okay!  Let’s teach!  So normally when we teach them they don’t talk or smile much, my gosh.  My world exploded.  They were SO happy and excited that night.  I was kinda weirded out.  I felt like Marissa Amadkhani a little because I think I gave a few dirty looks when they started . . . Hahaha.  Anyway . . . Estefany said, "Good!  Now I can explain everything because Jailton isn’t here!"  Okay...?

So let ME tell YOU all what happened.  Estefany had two dreams.  The first was a few weeks ago and was why she decided to receive the lessons. S he already had spoken with missionaries in the past but it didn’t go anywhere because she didn’t want it.  The first dream she saw a huge a house or all white and a man dressed in all white.  She couldn’t see his face, but she saw that he extended his hand and said "Take of this water".  To which she responded that she didn’t want it.  "But you need this water" and again she denied it.  And a third time the man said "But you NEED this water".  After that she woke up sweating and breathing super hard  =DDDDD  So for her she took that "water" as the baptismal font.  THAT’S why she decided to take the lessons again!  But of course, I think it is in relation to John 4:14 =)  Pretty cool stuff!

The second dream she had was just last week.  She dreamed she was with her friend and they were getting ready to leave her house.  Estefany was trying to bring The Book of Mormon but her friend kept telling her she didn’t need it.  So after they argued a bit, Estefany convinced her friend to bring the Book of Mormon with her as well.  The dream ended with Estefany looking over at her friend, and her friend had the Book on her lap.  Nothing too amazing, right?  Except when Estefany woke up, she received a call from that friend in the dream, saying that she had left her church and wasn’t sure what to do now because she doesn’t have a religion . . . WHAT!?!?!?  So legit =)  So we will be contacting that friend very soon =)  Cool stuff!

Anyway . . . The Baptism for those two was perfect.  The only abnormal part was . . . #ThatAwkwardMomentWhenYouHaveToGrabALizardOutOfTheBaptismalFontDirectlyBeforeEnteringTheWater . . . Hahahahah!  True story!  I watched Elder Pereira baptize Estefany with a lizard in the water . . . Bahahaha . . . So when I was walking in, I had to grab it and throw it out because Rose almost had a heart attack =)  #OnlyInBrasil!

Elaine wasn’t baptized this week because she is just super nervous.  But she seems much more firm for this Saturday.  Even got her to pray for us for the first time yesterday!  Accomplishments!!!!  Pray for her lots  =)

Oh!  Almost forgot!  Elder Hemingway has a new companion, Elder Santos.  He is from Pará, the same as my companion, but he has a year and two months on the mission I believe.  Elder Barbosa got transferred out to live with the assistants.  Not to be an assistant, just to live with them . . . Haha . . . I think President didn’t know exactly what to do with him.

Well, everything is great and always getting greater!  And hotter . . . Haha!  That sun is STRONG, but goes down around 4:30 so we don’t have to die ALL day.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Be good, be safe . . .The Church is true!!!!!!!!!!!   Write me lots =)

Love,  Elder Jensen

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