Monday, November 4, 2013


Elder Reneer, Thales, Joao Victor, and Elder Jensen

Herro Herro.

Family and Friends,


I was transferred as we all know.  But what you all didn’t know is that . . . President put me right back in my last Zone as Zone Leader!!!!  It was reeeeeally weird and the first time that I didn’t really know how to react at Transfers . . . Haha.  At first I was pretty disappointed . . . I’m not gonna lie.  "Dang. Tabuleiro again?"  My last time here wasn’t very positive so I was super nervous.  But then I realized something . . . I have the chance to redeem myself in a certain way.  My attitude here was pretty bad last time.  I think I had very little faith and complained because of our difficulties in the area and the Zone.  I feel like I grew SO much in Aracaju South and I’m excited to be able to use that experience here to try again. 
President Gonzaga saw me after Transfers and said, "I don’t know why you need to go back there.  I was lookin’ at all the Zones and thinkin’ I could put you anywhere but I only really felt good with you in Tabuleiro again.  I think you need to finish your time there.  You have something to do."  So I have some sort of great purpose here!  Hope I can figure it out soon  =)
My new companion is Elder Reneer who is an American from Nebraska #FirstNebraskanInMyLife  He is super chill and is already helpin’ me out a ton.  Super focused and serious but likes to joke around as well.  He actually is from my original group before I changed my date to leave early, so I only have about six more weeks on the Mission than he does.  Pretty legit dude  =)
Our Zone started off this month with only three Baptisms . . . Two of which were of me and my companion.  We Baptized two kids called Thales and João Victor.  I got here and they were kinda "nehhhh", but when they realized they could be Baptized together and that their families would be there watching they decided to do it  =)  Our Zone needs to get goin’ . . .  Our Zone made a combined goal of 35 Baptisms in November, but if we Baptize three a week that will not happen . . . I think we forget very easily about the goals me make.  We make goals and then forget to REEEEALLY focus and get it done.  What are goals for if we just forget all about them?  That doesn’t make much sense at all . . . I think we can all improve on that.  Both on the Mission and off the Mission.  We can change  =)
This week . . . We saw a drunk guy with his baby girl in his arms listening to music and dancing and teaching her how to use a taser . . .  #IDidntKnowWhatToSay  #AwkwardMomentOfTheWeek
Well . . . Pray lots for me!!!  I love you all!  Write me lots.  Stay classy!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

Bishop's`Family in Atalaia . . . Best family EVER!!!!

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