Monday, August 19, 2013

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Well . . . This week, really, not too terribly much happened.  Izabel?  I don’t really know.  That whole family just got kinda hard to read.   Like when we go there, the lessons have no Spirit.  We can’t get them to really understand the messages I think.  I don’t think Izabel really understands the importance of Baptism, so she just keeps saying she wants more time . . . I don’t know exactly what the plan is with her . . . I don’t know exactly what she wants from US. -______- I hope we can figure that all out soon . . .

This week was kinda a weird one.  I never felt really in a rhythm which was really weird.  I don’t know.  Something was like holding us back this week.  I think we were a bit tired and stressed and we kinda let the carnal mind take over which is totally 100% lame of us.  We had much more to give this week that we didn’t give.  Always improving right?
We did however meet a woman that is WAY into the message and is actually really smart so teaching her is much easier.  Her name is Edna!  She went to church and all that good stuff and is already reading the Book of Mormon so we will see how it goes!
We also met a girl named Milena who is the neighbor of a member!  She went to church as well and is super legit.  Most important thing with her is to get permission from the parents to Baptize her. 
And Monice!  Didn’t show up to church, but was progressing throughout the week . . . Dunno why she didn’t go but we will pass by this week  =/
Our Zone Baptized six people this last week!  Up until now, we have ten this month which is better but just still not what it could and should be . . . But improvements and small adjustments will make all the difference  =)
Really not too terribly much!  Sorry!  But I sure love you all!!!!  Be good, be safe!!!!!  Write lots!!!

Love, Elder Dylan Miles Jensen

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